"Your Place or Mine": A New Romantic Comedy from Netflix

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"Your Place or Mine": A New Romantic Comedy from Netflix

Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon's movie "Your Place or Mine," whose trailer debuted a few days ago and garnered 3.5 million views at one point, will debut on Netflix on Feb. 10. Aline Brosh McKenna, famed for comedies like "The Devil Wears Prada," "27 Dresses," and "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," wrote and directed the movie.

“I think of it as a body swapping movie, but without the body swapping,” Brosh McKenna tells Tudum. “They each get to walk a mile in each other’s shoes. And by doing that, they learn things about each other they never would’ve found out otherwise”.

“I went to New York to work on something and I stayed in my friend Ted’s apartment,” she says. “At the time, he was a bachelor, [and] it made me laugh how bachelor-y his apartment was. He still had his silverware in a plastic wrap.

So, it made me laugh to think about what would’ve happened if Ted had to come to my house and take care of kids. That was the genesis of it. I actually then cast Ted in the movie playing [a] doorman. So, you can see the inspo for the movie, in the movie”.

The main characters Debbie and Peter, played by Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher, decide to transfer homes for a bit until they determine what they want in their relationships. This is where the action in this romantic comedy starts.

They are old friends who once had a passionate night together, as we can see in the trailer. She needs to remain with Peter in New York so she can recuperate because Peter is now coming to Los Angeles for seven days and offering to watch his kid Jack.

The trailer

“Do you remember the first night we met?” Witherspoon’s Debbie asks early on in the clip. “Never stops being weird,” Kutcher’s Peter replies. In addition to the cast listed above, Your Place or Mine also stars Jesse Williams, Zoë Chao, Steve Zahn, Rachel Bloom, Shiri Appleby, Wesley Kimmel, Griffin Matthews and Vella Lovell.