'Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre' Is Out In Theaters


'Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre' Is Out In Theaters
'Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre' Is Out In Theaters

In theaters is a sophisticated action comedy with Jason Statham in the role of a super spy. "Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre" is made according to all the clichés of action movies. The British director's name Guy Ritchie is synonymous with fast action, lots of guns, "bumping" and villains that we simply adore.

After "Two Smoking Barrels" and "Snatch", every project, even if it was a video clip he made for his ex-wife Madonna, was eagerly awaited. The bad guys who portrayed Brad Pitt or Rade Šerbedži got under our skin.

Action comedy "Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre" is on the same track and has arrived in theaters. The distribution of the film was postponed several times due to the pandemic, but also the unfortunate circumstances of the start of the war in Ukraine, and the bad guys in the story this time - exactly Ukrainians.

Since the war was not over yet, the film was shown in cinemas anyway. It all starts in Odessa, where a modern weapon has been stolen that has reached an incredible price on the market, so the British secret service wants to bring things back under control.

Do not worry. They are just killers

When a deadly weapon is stolen from a secret laboratory owned by MI6, super spy Orson Fortune (Jason Statham) must stop its sale. The outrageously rich arms dealer (some would say philanthropist) Greg Simmonds (Hugh Grant) has a hand in everything, so Orson has to work with some operatives he doesn't really like.

Simmonds can easily disrupt the world order, he is bizarre to the point that he smuggles weapons and at the same time collects donations to help child victims of war. And it is more than clear that it is five to twelve to take certain actions.

On this "job" to save the world, Orson knows that unconventional fish cannot be caught with ordinary bait, so he hires Danny Francesco (Josh Hartnett), currently the biggest living Hollywood star, whose biggest fan is slimy Simmonds.

Orson's assistant is the ravishing Sarah (Aubrey Plaza), who figures as Danny's girlfriend, so they all visit Simmonds on his yacht together so that the actor can play the role of a lifetime. However, things get complicated, because they are not the only ones engaged in the hunt for weapons...

The film has a measly 6.7 on IMDB, which means it hasn't really appealed to the masses of those looking for low-key entertainment. It's Jason Statham's fifth collaboration with Guy Ritchie, so he's already somewhat settled into his always monotheistic role in action movies.

"Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre" is a really funny movie at times, especially since there are a lot of self-referential jokes.