The Swimmers: A Netflix film about Syrian female swimmers is a must-watch


The Swimmers: A Netflix film about Syrian female swimmers is a must-watch
The Swimmers: A Netflix film about Syrian female swimmers is a must-watch

The drama about survival and sports success "The Swimmers" conquered Netflix, bringing the story of the Mardini sisters, Syrian swimmers who had to test their Olympic spirit and swimming skills while fleeing the war on a dinghy across the Aegean Sea.

The most powerful film stories tell about those people who achieved the greatest victories from the most difficult moments. Whether it's about sports, illness, persecution or survival in extreme conditions, adrenaline stories are the ones that are able to give us an emotional knockout and make us feel better for a moment.

The wars in the Middle East have spawned incredible stories that have been given a place of honor on film, the latest being Netflix's "The Swimmers," which tells the story of Yusra and Sara Mardini's triumphant success. The sisters were faster and stronger than the Olympic slogan when they started the refugee journey from Syria to the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016.

The film was directed by BAFTA winner Sally El Hosaini and stars the Mardini sisters, Manal and Nathalie Issa, real-life sisters. In the suburbs of Damascus in 2011, two girls bide their time under the surface of the water in a swimming pool, preparing for the Olympics.

War is knocking on the door, but the Syrians are as naive as the Yugoslavs, so they say that there is no chance that such a thing will happen in their country. Unsuspected destruction will soon begin, which will result in the wave of refugees in 2015.

The world was then shocked by the image of the dead boy Aylan, whose head ended up in the sand of the beach near the Turkish resort of Bodrum, the way humanity's heads are still stuck in the sand today when talking about migrants and refugees.

A bomb in the pool

You are alone in the water. Control what you can. Swim your race. These were the motivational words of coach Ezzat Mardini (Ali Suliman), the father of the Mardini sisters, who helped the girls reach their goals in the pool.

He will have to apply that rule in the toughest race of his life. During the first years of the war in Syria, the sisters were in Damascus. The bomb that fell into the pool during training luckily did not explode, but it prompted them to flee.

The situation has become so unbearable that the sisters decide to go to Germany. The movie "The Swimmers" is criticized for its too-long duration and too extensive story, but this is exactly the story of the Mardini sisters, who have been given all those situations that go beyond the imagination of even the most creative screenwriter.

Particularly impressive scenes are those when a bomb falls into the swimming pool during training in Damascus and the night hours the sisters spent in the sea, pushing the dinghy, as well as the arrival on the island covered in orange life jackets.

There is no doubt that the Netflix film will be a big Oscar favorite because it brings a grandiose story that the voters of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are inclined to.