Cocaine Bear: Movie about an infamous bear consumed a bag of cocaine


Cocaine Bear: Movie about an infamous bear consumed a bag of cocaine
Cocaine Bear: Movie about an infamous bear consumed a bag of cocaine

If you thought you've seen it all when it comes to movies, you're probably wrong. The trailer for the film "Cocaine Bear" has arrived - a bizarre story about a bear that swallowed a bag of cocaine, and to make matters crazier - it is based on a true event.

The film "Cocaine Bear" was first announced in the spring of this year, and is based on the real-life story of a black bear who in 1985 came across a bag with 30 kilograms of cocaine and swallowed it. A stray bag, worth $15 million, ended up in his paws in north Georgia after it was thrown from a plane by a convicted drug smuggler.

In the bizarre trailer that has just been released, it is clear from the first frames that the animal is not all its own - it is shown with a frenzied expression on its face, growling, rolling over on its back, running madly along the road or admiring butterflies.

The trailer

Starring Keri Russell, O'Shea Jackson Jr., Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and others, this is also slated to be the last film featuring the late actor Ray Liotta. Unfortunately, for those wondering how the bear ended up in real life, the news isn't pretty.

The animal died, and the medical expert determined that the bear suffered from a brain hemorrhage, and kidney, heart, and lung failure, which meant that it suffered a lot. “Its stomach was literally packed to the brim with cocaine.

There isn’t a mammal on the planet that could survive that,” the medical examiner who performed the bear’s necropsy told the company’s founders. "Cerebral haemorrhaging, respiratory failure, hyperthermia, renal failure, heart failure, stroke.

You name it, that bear had it”. However, judging by the words of director Elizabeth Banks, her film should be an opportunity for those who want to have a good time, but with a touch of fear. As she pointed out, she drew inspiration from the horror classic "Jaws" and judging by the reactions of viewers, many can't wait to see it. The premiere of the film, if everything goes as planned, is announced for the end of February 2023.