The Netflix TV premiere of "Wednesday" breaks the record set by "Stranger Things 4"


The Netflix TV premiere of "Wednesday" breaks the record set by "Stranger Things 4"
The Netflix TV premiere of "Wednesday" breaks the record set by "Stranger Things 4"

"Wednesday" broke Netflix's record for the most hours watched in one week for an English-language series. The fantasy series starring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams topped Netflix's Top 10 TV list for the week of Nov. 21-27 with 341.2 million hours watched after its Nov.

23 premiere. According to Netflix, "Wednesday" is the new record holder for the number of hours watched in one week for an English-language TV series on Netflix. Season 4 of "Stranger Things" previously held the record with 335.01 million hours during the week of May 30 to June 5.

Ryan Murphy's "Monster" had 299 million between Sept. 26 and Oct. 2, but failed to knock off "Stranger Things" for the number one spot. More than 50 million households have watched "Wednesday" since it premiered just under seven days ago.

"Wednesday" also entered the Top 10 in all 93 countries that Netflix tracks, ranking first in 83.

Jenna Ortega plays Wednesday Addams

The series follows Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Adams during her years as a student at Nevermore Academy, where she tries to master her nascent psychic ability, prevent a monstrous killing spree that has terrorized a local town and solve the mystery of a murder 25 years ago.

"She doesn't blink," Ortega confirmed in a Nov. 21 interview on "The Today Show." "[Tim Burton] likes it when I tilt my chin down and look through my eyebrows, kind of like a Kubrick stare, and then I relax all the muscles in my face." "After trying one take where she didn't blink, Tim Burton was so enamored with the result he told Jenna Ortega not to blink anymore when playing Wednesday," the streamer wrote.

"So, she didn't." The series also stars Gwendoline Christie, Jamie McShane, Percy Hynes White, Hunter Doohan, Emma Myers, Joy Sunday, Naomi J Ogawa, Moosa Mostafa, Georgie Farmer, and Riki Lindhome. Also appearing are Christina Ricci, as well as Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzmán, Fred Armisen, and Isaac Ordonez. It was directed by Tim Burton, with creators Al Gough and Miles Millar.


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