Ghislaine Maxwell Filthy Rich: Details of the pedophile ring


Ghislaine Maxwell Filthy Rich: Details of the pedophile ring
Ghislaine Maxwell Filthy Rich: Details of the pedophile ring

After the first part of the documentary "Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich", the authors go further and bring the story of Epstein's mysterious accomplice, shedding light on how wealth and privileges hid her true, predatory face.

For those who think that abusers generally stalk their victims from vans, kidnap them, tie them up in some basement to satisfy their lust in disgusting ways, there is the Netflix documentary "Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich", which presents a woman at the head of a well-organized child prostitution.

Compared to the world of Maxwell and Epstein, a maniac who sits in a van and stalks some girls next to the school is real - chamomile. The madam of the largest known brothel on Epstein's private island, which was reached by the Lolita Express, worked out the scheme by recruiting victims in a specific way.

She chose the most vulnerable girls, promising them a bright future. She was sentenced to twenty years in an American prison for helping convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein abuse young girls. After the minors were perfidiously drawn into prostitution, their services were used by businessmen and members of the social elite, as well as politicians, among whom were some well-known names.

At various locations in Miami and New York, they had underage girls available for massage. After the "happy ending", the girls would receive a few hundred dollars as a reward, and they were managed by a madam from hell, who often joined in the se*ual act.

The monster behind the monster

Netflix began working on the documentary series in 2018 in secret, having managed to obtain statements from the victims. The recordings of the statements of the girls and other actors in the film were kept under special security measures and those stories are really difficult to watch.

Hardly anything could be more painful than the case of se*ual abuse of actresses by producer Harvey Weinstein, but the "business venture" of American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein overshadowed even the devastation left behind by the most powerful Hollywood producer.

Given that Maxwell was an influential representative of high British society, as evidenced by numerous photographs, the question is how far the tentacles of the pedophile octopus reach. Everyone on the list in Epstein's notebook is rich, famous and "in business".

The status quo can mask reality, concludes one of the many interlocutors in the Netflix documentary. In addition to being difficult to listen to, those scenes are also difficult to describe. Ghislaine Maxwell fed the beasts, and in order to do that she had to be a beast herself.

Her father was media mogul Robert Maxwell. She had an express ticket to heights and success in life, and she didn't have to be guided by a business plan to create this kind of pedophile hell. Watching the documentary and all those parties where famous faces appear (from Donald Trump to Naomi Campbell), one wonders what the success of all those we have been watching in the media for years is actually based on.

"Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich" explains a lot of what goes on in the celebrity world, but by showing all these horrors it glosses over even more. Who are the people who used these services? Why were there "business books" about all this with a record of their names? And perhaps the most important unanswered question is why did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself in prison in 2019, if at all?