Naomi Campbell is looking for a rising star for her biopic


Naomi Campbell is looking for a rising star for her biopic
Naomi Campbell is looking for a rising star for her biopic

Naomi Campbell is ready to bring her life to the big screen. The legendary supermodel wants a rising star to play her in a biopic about her life and career. “I would like it to be someone, who is unknown and preferably someone from South London,” she told Daily Mail.

“I’ve had my success, and I want to see the success of the next generation”. Although the model did not talk about the details of the potential project, there is certainly more than enough material to make a film about her life and brilliant career, considering that the British star is one of the most prominent and sought-after models of the last four decades.

Walking the world's catwalks for top fashion brands, Naomi has also graced the covers of numerous magazines over the years. However, the model also has some not-so-glamorous stories that she also wants to share with an audience of millions.

Drug addiction

Early in her career, Campbell struggled with drug addiction, which ended up in rehab in 1999. Naomi has never shied away from her addiction stories, stating in 2017: “I was never ashamed of substance abuse.

I never took a break. I finally said, ‘I want to go away and I chose to make the phone call to go to rehab.' ” She managed to regain control of her career and become the catwalk icon she is today. However, last year the model spoke about the great sacrifice she had to make in order for her career to be successful.

“I’d say the sacrifice is really finding that soul mate who will understand you,” she told The Cut. “It’s really like you feel if they look at you as if you’re strong, you know, I’m strong, but I’m also sensitive.

I know that in relationships I have to compromise”. Although Naomi never found a long-term partner, she finally became a mom last year. We hope that one day the created film will see the light of day and that we will get to know a completely different side of the legendary "black mamba".

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