The Patient: FX series you might like

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The Patient: FX series you might like
The Patient: FX series you might like

The psychotherapist trapped in an endless session and the patient with his finger on the trigger are equally unfortunate, but this is not the story of a serial killer. "The Patient" is the story of a psychotherapist struggling with his own demons.

The dark side of the human mind and a long list of mental illnesses are actually the foundation of cinema and if you think about it, without all those madmen, murderers, Oedipus complexes and schizophrenia, the horror genre could hardly exist.

Remember one of the best series of all time "The Sopranos" where everything Toni Soprano did in life was caused by family traumas, depression and what he talked about with Dr. Melfi. The FX series "The Patient" brings a story inspired by the ever-popular topic of psychoanalysis and through ten episodes (average duration of 25 minutes) takes us into the madness of a serial killer who kidnaps his psychotherapist.

The killer wants to prevent the crime with the doctor's help, trying hard to control his next move. The series available on the streaming services Hulu and Disney+ stars Steve Carell, one of the most serious American actors, specializing in the comedy genre.

We remember him for his participation in the series "The Morning Show" produced by the Apple TV+ service, but also for the voice he lent to the villain Gru. He coped more than well in the role of a psychotherapist, and the story is interesting because it is not a story about a patient but about a doctor who is fighting his own psychological demons.

Flight over the coward's cellar

Patient Sam Fortner (Domhnall Gleeson) appears in the office of psychotherapist Alan Strauss (Steve Carell) with a cap, sunglasses and a plastic cup of coffee, wanting to resolve the conflict he has with his father.

Alan's next session with the sociopath occurs when he wakes up in an unknown basement, tied to a bed. Sam has an unusual request and wants the doctor to curb his murderous urges, although he refuses to talk about the basic darkness of every man who visits a psychiatrist - his mother Candance (Linda Emond).

"The Patient" found itself very high on the trending streaming service Hulu (it has a rating of 7.0 on IMDB), and it also points us to a fact that we often forget. People from whom we expect help often need help themselves.

Psychiatrists and psychotherapists are also on that list, who often have more problems than anyone who sits on the couches in their offices.