FIFA Uncovered: Netflix documentary about Sepp Blatter and corruption

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FIFA Uncovered: Netflix documentary about Sepp Blatter and corruption

The new Netflix documentary "FIFA Uncovered" premiered to the public a few days ago, before the World Cup in Qatar, and it talks about all the happenings in the house of football, which received a red card due to corruption.


The documentary of four episodes lasting about 50 minutes tells about the history of FIFA. The trigger for this story was the FBI arrests that were made in Zurich at the FIFA hotel where, according to the speakers in this series, many things ended with money.

The indictment brought against the head of FIFA contains 47 points, and they concern corruption and bribery in organized football, which relate specifically to racketeering, financial fraud, money laundering conspiracy over a period of 20 years, and are also related to the organization of individual world championships.

championships, with an emphasis on the upcoming one in Qatar, which is suspected to be a "bought household" In the series, Sepp Blatter stands by the principles that FIFA is clean and that the work he did was correct, while many other interlocutors, current and former employees of FIFA, believe that there were illegal actions.

Speaking recently to a Swiss daily Blatter did acknowledge that: “The World Cup in Qatar is a mistake,” adding that “the choice was bad”. “It is too small of a country. Football and the World Cup are too big for it,” Blatter said.

In the first series, the interlocutors talked about the rise of Sepp Blatter, the corruption that took place in the FIFA hotel before the presidential election in 1998, when two-thirds of the votes, or 128 hands, were required for the appointment.

Among the candidates were Blatter and Lennart Johansson. Blatter had 111 votes, and Johansson 80. Although it was supposed to go to the second round, Johansson gave up and handed the victory to Blatter, who, according to the interlocutor, "solved everything earlier"

The conclusion is that FIFA would not have received a red card if that election had not been completed in 1998, as it was, and there would not have been any scandals in the roof house of football. The series also talks about the championship in Russia, the transactions that came to light, bribery and betrayal, and other details. The series is available on Netflix from November 9.