Amsterdam (2022): Review


Amsterdam (2022): Review

There are many interesting movies in 2022, but have you seen them all? Below we tell you about one of the best this year. The movie Amsterdam (2022) got bad reviews but I went to see it because of a positive memory from American Hustle (2013), even though I didn't know I liked David O.

Russell's movies. Based on Boxer, Three Kings, or I Love Huckabees, I could give him a shot. Russell often chooses Bale as his collaborator, so I think he deserves it. Despite disgruntled critics dismissing the film with boredom 30 minutes before the start, I found myself across the street from the cinema.

There were more positives than negatives for me in Amsterdam. In terms of design, Russell envisioned a mix of art deco and comics. For shock value, the film mostly uses sepia tones and Bale's electrifying hairdo. The story of three friends living their best lives in Amsterdam takes place in the interwar period.

It takes a while before you feel redundant and decide to come back home to your wife, whose family deems you unworthy.


Amsterdam has been called a confusing film by many critics. Yeah, that's kinda true. There's nothing confusing about the story, it's just...

It's thin. Harold, Burt and Valerie (John David Washington, Christian Bale, Margot Robbie) are caught up in a Nazi-fascist plot to take over the USA in 1933. Neither of the characters has any internal motivation, and the whole film is subordinate to the plot, so it's so flat.

There's nothing like an amusement park ride in Amsterdam. The person who would burn is now under a car. In the end, Russell seems to care if the movie makes you smile, laugh, and leave the theater feeling better. The weakest link - as in many movies - is John David Washington's petrified face.

It's not uncommon for the kids of celebrities to end up on film, but rarely one as expressionless and disinterested as Washington. It's okay, because there's Margot Robbie, who's having a blast, and Christian Bale, who looks like he's on vacation.

By working together, they get rid of the weight that is holding them back - whether it's a complacent script or a fellow actor. For a pleasant evening, Amsterdam is a great choice. It's especially hard when fatigue obscures the need for action. It's hard not to fall in love with Bale and Robbie's seductive colors, dynamic chemistry, and charm.