The best movies you forgot


The best movies you forgot
The best movies you forgot

Do you know which are the best movies you forgot about: The third film in a love trilogy, Before Midnight is a romantic drama directed by Richard Linklater. After nine years of realizing they couldn't live without each other, Jesse and Celine now live in Paris with their daughters.

In Greece this summer, the family's relationship, which they always approached philosophically, now has a completely different perspective than when they first met. This movie stars Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke. Among the stars of the sports drama Resurrecting the Champ are Samuel L.

Jackson and Josh Hartnett. The movie revolves around a sports reporter, Erik, who rescues a homeless man, Champ, from the streets, and he soon discovers that Champ was actually a boxing legend who had passed away many years earlier.

The aspiring journalist Erik reevaluates his life and the relationship he has with his family in the course of uncovering Champ's story. There is something fascinating about the crime thriller The Last Heist (Sexy Beast). It revolves around the life of a gangster and is an excellent film.

An ex-gang of thieves who are now retired and living in Spain are having a good time. However, Logan, a gangster, comes back into their lives and forces them to commit one last mission and a robbery of legendary proportions to put an end to the entire story.

Ben Kingsley was nominated for an Oscar for the role of brutal gangster Logan, which he played in the film Logan, which he claims was based on his grandmother's character in the actual film. Running Scared is a suspenseful action crime drama that will delight you with its exciting story.

When a drug operation goes awry, Joey is tasked with getting rid of the gun used to shoot a corrupt cop as a result of an illegal drug operation gone awry. The situation goes awry when the boy next door steals a gun and uses it to murder his abusive father with it. Before the police or the mob find him, Joey tries to find the boy and the gun before the police or the mob find them.