Mel Gibson's newest film tells the story of today's media


Mel Gibson's newest film tells the story of today's media
Mel Gibson's newest film tells the story of today's media

SPOILER ALERT. In theaters is the action movie "On the Line," a story in which a provocative radio host must play a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a mysterious caller. A psychopath kidnaps his wife and child and threatens to blow up the whole building.

Does anyone know how many times Mel Gibson has acted in hostage crises, in which he fought or negotiated with the kidnappers over the lives of his family members? From "Mad Max", to "Ransom" and "Blood Father", the velvety voice of the American actor guided us through every parent's nightmare.

A child in the hands of a sick stranger, who wants revenge, money, or something else. What good old Gibson does in front of and behind the camera is always interesting to watch, because he works from a comfortable position and has a practical understanding of his calling.

If you've recently watched Netflix's thriller "The Guilty" the devastating story of a Los Angeles 911 operator's attempt to thwart an attempted kidnapping in the middle of the night, you'll know that listening to a story can be a unique cinematic experience.

"On the Line" takes us to the studio of today's slightly neglected medium - and that is the radio and brings a similar situation. A movie to listen to.

Fate turns on the radio

For the past 25 years, Elvis has been giving advice to live callers on his famous nightly talk show.

He is one of the last legendary radio presenters, who considers social networks useless, but has to think about listenership and popularity, which actually depends on the fate of every medium. He gained popularity through harsh language and merciless ironic comments on everything.

The shift starts at midnight when mentally disturbed people generally do not sleep, so Elvis chats with those crazy minds of Los Angeles who have the courage to talk about their problems on the phone. But that is not the only pressure in the life of a media slag.

In the eyes of today's world, Elvis is too old, and the world has too many weirdos who flock to the media, thinking that they can solve their problems in the air. A few viewers who rated the film on IMDB barely passed 5 (out of a possible 10), but the film is worth watching, because Mel Gibson is aging well, and the talent to make us stare at him immovably while he is acting, even after so many years, is a rarity in the world of film.

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