The Inside Man: An insanity-filled British series on Netflix


The Inside Man: An insanity-filled British series on Netflix

The limited thriller series "The Inside Man" tells the story of a criminal sentenced to death who claims that a killer can be activated in every person. He and the woman trapped in the basement of the British vicar will be connected by a bizarre series of events.

Series and films presented us with all forms of violence and se*ual deviations of the most obscure minds, some fictitious and some in the realm of true crime, which every now and then appear on trending streaming services, shocking the global audience.

"The Inside Man" was produced by the BBC, Netflix trending, whose four episodes you will watch without a break. It was created by Steven Moffat. creating a kind of challenge for the viewers who are faced with the hopeless situations of the characters and the understanding that they too would take radical steps and confirm the premise from the title of this text.

We remember him from the series "Doctor Who" and "Dracula", and he is called the British version of Ryan Murphy. A few criminals are put in a situation where they make mistakes. Their stories are simultaneously creepy and silly, and they all made a logical choice between their lives and the death of their victims.

Even the smallest trifle, a wrong step and the need to get out of crazy circumstances threw them into fear and opened the darkest parts of their minds. When the survival instinct is triggered, a person finds himself on a path of no return.

The only criterion is a moral value

Criminal Jefferson Grieff (Stanley Tucci) is awaiting the execution of the death sentence in an American prison, and he passes the days by agreeing to solve mysterious cases. All kinds of weirdos turn to him for help, and Jeff has only one assistant, the "elegantly filled" prison friend Dillon (Atkins Estimond) who listens and remembers every conversation.

There is only one criterion that Jeff follows in order to take the case in the first place, and that is moral value. An investigative journalist arrives at the prison and begs him for help in finding the missing woman. She is imprisoned in the basement of the British vicar Harry Watling (David Tennant, who we saw in the excellent crime series "Broadchurch").

In a reckless move, Harry took a USB containing child pornography from a troubled youth at church and brought it home. A man with a PhD in criminology and a conviction for murder continues to solve cases, like a less deranged version of Hannibal Lecter.

His genius is unreal, and the script is a far-fetched construction, but for some reason human psychology keeps you glued to the screen. You buy into the illusion, you believe every shaky story of these people, just to see how far it can go and what a genius mind behind bars will do.

And there will be hammer blows and carbon monoxide poisoning attempts. "Inside Man" has an interesting blend of British and American popular culture, the actors are excellent, and for a moment you can feel that you have "in one fell swoop" afforded to watch an American prison and a British crime drama at the same time.

The series has an incredible unfolding of the story, which delighted the viewers, and everything could be summed up under the witty title... How to kill your husband without unnecessary reasons.