“The Good Nurse”: Netflix released a movie about the most brutal serial killer


“The Good Nurse”: Netflix released a movie about the most brutal serial killer

The thriller "The Good Nurse" tells the story of how nurse Amy Loughren helped in the investigation and ultimately sent fellow medic Charles Cullam to life imprisonment. He systematically killed patients for 16 years, while hospitals covered up suspicious deaths.

True crime is a segment of popular culture that captures attention because it proves that real life is stranger than any fiction. Some real-life situations would be completely unconvincing if some screenwriter had put them on paper just like that straight from his imagination.

Danish screenwriter and director Tobias Lindholm's exciting thriller "The Googled Nurse" (who wrote the Oscar-winning film "Another Round") tells one such story, about a man who is believed to have killed as many as 400 people in American hospitals.

Forget the evil Sister Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Misery, because the Netflix movie brings the darkest side of the world of caregivers from hell. The frightening psychopathology of the medic from New Jersey shows how Charles killed without having a specific motive for his actions.

Or at least he did not know how to define them before the justice authorities.

Injected insulin into IV bags

After a long series of years in which Charles Cullam used his job for monstrous acts, he might have continued if he hadn't come to work at the hospital where he met nurse Amy, who after a police investigation into the suspicious death of a patient began to suspect that her colleague "has a hand" in a series of mysterious patient deaths.

The complex roles of medics in an exciting story based on true events are played by Oscar winners Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain, who plays the heroine Amy Loughren, a woman who risks her own life to discover the truth.

"The Good Nurse" is one of the most interesting films of this year, which was contributed by excellent actors, above all Radmayne, who has already profiled himself in complex roles of real-life personalities. He won an Oscar for his portrayal of the famous physicist Stephen Hawking, and his role as Lili Elba, a transgender Danish artist in the film "The Danish GIrl", was also noted.

Jessica Chastain will once again convince you of her well-deserved status as one of today's leading actresses. The story of the film cannot be spoiled (spoiled) by retelling the content, because you already know what it is about from the Netflix announcement itself.

What is enjoyed and is tense until the very end is the reconstruction of the events and the securing of evidence about the perpetrator of the crime, about whom everything is already known, but it is necessary to fulfill a number of prerequisites for him to face the face of justice.

"The Good Nurse" will take you to the not-so-glamorous intensive care units of American hospitals and show a dysfunctional healthcare system where death is sometimes not the result of disease but of "treatment".