Black Adam, what a success! Compliments come from everywhere!

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Black Adam, what a success! Compliments come from everywhere!
Black Adam, what a success! Compliments come from everywhere!

The Rock is perhaps one of the best WWE products to come out of the business and capable of catalyzing everything outside the world of professional wrestling. To testify his career as an entrepreneur, but above all that as an actor, a profession that has now made him famous in the eyes of all, even those who have never entered the world of wrestling and WWE.

After years spent for major feature films, it is now the turn of the debut of a new film that marks the actual debut of Dwayne Johnson within the DC Comics film world. The company known to most for the world of comics as Detective Comics, Man of Steel, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and the Justice League in general, brings the enemy number one of the infamous Shazam known as Black Adam.

Black Adam, what a success! Compliments come from everywhere!

This role is then undertaken by the ten-time WWE Champion who immediately establishes an immediate box office record. According to the tweet released on the official profiles of World Wrestling Entertainment, the number one wrestling federation in the world congratulates this new success of The Rock for having placed first in the box office of the first weekend of the new film, precisely Black Adam.

After being the highest paid actor in Hollywood, after joining the Walk of Fame and setting a long string of records in film, this can be called yet another masterpiece in terms of box office that makes DC film products head back.

, often too harshly criticized by the public for some past events (the first Justice League or even the first Suoerman). Waiting to find out more and waiting to find out if Dwayne will have renewed involvement in the world of wrestling too, we recommend that you stay up to date with our site, World Wrestling which takes care of all aspects of the discipline.

The Rock could also be involved in the next DC Black Adam movies.

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