Netflix adds disclaimer to The Crown


Netflix adds disclaimer to The Crown

Netflix adds the disclaimer to one of its most beloved and popular series, The Crown. This comes after much pressure from British aristocrats, a former prime minister and two-time Oscar winner Judi Dench. The streaming platform has added a disclaimer to the new trailer that precedes the debut of the fifth season of the Royal Family saga.

Netflix had briefly halted the filming of the sixth season as a sign of mourning after the death of the sovereign. Lastly, Netflix was brought in by the open letter from Judi Dench, who, in the wake of the protests of former Tory Prime Minister John Major, had spoken in the Times of cruel fiction asking to show respect to the memory of a sovereign who for over 70 years he has served the country always showing a high sense of duty.

Dame Judi Dench, who is a friend of King Charles and Queen Camilla, had asked to put a disclaimer at the beginning of each episode to make viewers understand that what they are about to see is not necessarily true.

Netflix adds disclaimer to The Crown

The disclaimer appears on the trailer videos posted on YouTube and Twitter.

Meanwhile, the fifth season will debut on November 9th. The new trailer shows the Windsor dynasty in chaos following the end of the Thatcher era. Lady Diana, played by Elizabeth Debicki, among images that portray her at the wheel of a car launched at high speed or lying inert in the water of a swimming pool.

A new cast will replace that of the previous two seasons, with Imelda Staunton in the part of the sovereign in place of Olivia Colman, Debicki and Dominic West respectively Carlo and Diana, after Emma Corrin and Josh O'Connor, and Jonathan Pryce in the role of Prince Philip in replacement for Tobias Menzies.

The disclaomer said: "Inspired by real events, the series is a dramatization of a fiction that tells the story of Queen Elizabeth and the personal and political events that have shaped her reign." So Judi Dench and all the other who asks for a disclaimer won the battle against Netflix.