Tom Felton explains why Daniel Radcliffe is "like a brother to him"


Tom Felton explains why Daniel Radcliffe is "like a brother to him"
Tom Felton explains why Daniel Radcliffe is "like a brother to him"

Tom Felton has been describing Daniel Radcliffe as a brother of his to him during the promotion of his new memoir. He said that he feels Radcliffe is a member of his family and loves him as such. It has been no secret that the young Harry Potter star has been doing a great job of putting in great effort and locating different roles despite the Harry Potter tag hanging over his head.

Throughout the trials and tribulations that come with being a Hollywood actor, Felton must carve out his own way.

Felton's Perspective on His Co-Stars After Harry Potter

"I love the man dearly," Felton explained while promoting Beyond the Wand.

"I don't see him as much as I'd like to — that's the same for all of us, really. But I consider him a brother, definitely. Huge amounts of respect for him… But it was important to me, looking back, how important his enthusiasm and his eventual professionalism runs down the ranks, if you will." "[Radcliffe] could've very much easily, I think, coasted a lot of those years.

And it seemed to me, on set with him, that he was always up for bringing as much as he can to the table, always being collaborative," Felton added. "And I think he learned that the same way that I did: from the other chaps around us."

Tom Felton on Emma Watson

He said, "I've always had a secret love for Emma, though not perhaps in the way that people might want to hear… That isn't to say that there's never been a spark between us.

There most definitely has, only at different times." "Rumours started to abound that there was more to our relationship than we were letting on," Felton continued. "I denied that I liked her in that way, but the truth was different.

My girlfriend at the time knew straight away that there was something unspoken between us. I remember using the familiar old line, 'I love her like a sister.' But there was more to it than that."