Creator of 'House Of The Dragon' explains why the Velaryons are black


Creator of 'House Of The Dragon' explains why the Velaryons are black
Creator of 'House Of The Dragon' explains why the Velaryons are black

On Tuesday, TheWrap's "TheGrill" interview series revealed the creator of the show did not intend to appeal to left-wing values by adding more diversity to the sci-fi and fantasy genre. “I think it was not that simple,” Ryan Condal said.

“I think the reason that it’s been a successful choice ... is because it was thought out. It wasn’t just done perfunctorily or wasn’t just done to tick a box or ... to be seen as progressive”. It did not take long for Condal to respond with one that appeared to contradict this one as soon as he made the original statement.

“It’s 2022,” he said. “It’s a different era than these shows used to be made in. We have an incredibly diverse audience that’s not only across America, but in multiple countries that speak all sorts of different languages, that represent ...

all the colors under the sun. And it was really important to see some of that reflected up on screen. “This is a fantasy world. I think if this was a historical fiction piece, it would be a more nuanced discussion. But I think simply because this is a fantasy world, if we believe in dragons, and shape-shifters and [the fictional canines] direwolves, we can believe everybody in the story is not white”.

"House of the Dragon" places the character Corlys Velaryon (also known as the Sea Snake in the film) in the hands of British actor Steve Toussaint, of Barbadian descent.

This distinguishes the show from its source material.

Velaryon is described as having white skin, ghostly pale hair, and purple eyes in George R.R.

Martin's book "Fire & Blood.". “Why we went to the Velaryons in particular was because that felt like the most fantastical race in the show, and it felt like ... these were people from a lost continent that we don’t really know that much about,” Condal said.

“We know they all have silver hair, we know they have an affinity for dragons, some of them. And we know they are seen, as quoted in the books and in the show, closer to gods than to men. So what does that all look like? “And it always stuck with me, this article ...

where George had talked about, at first when he set out to write these books, considering making all of the Velaryons Black. ... Black people with silver hair — and that always really stuck with me as an image”.