Steve Bacic Married, Wife, Children, Family, Bio and Net Worth

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Steve Bacic Married, Wife, Children, Family, Bio and Net Worth

Steve Bacic is a Canadian actor famous for the roles such as Telemachus Rhade and Gaheris on the Sci-Fi series Gene Roddenberry`s Andromeda. Steve is from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The real pronunciation of his last name is "Baa Cheech" but often pronounced as 'basic.'

Here are some facts about Steve Bacic that you would love to read. Steve Bacic Married, Wife, Children, Family, Bio and Net Worth

Is Steve Bacic a married man?

Bacic is regarded as more of a mysterious celebrity because he is pretty good in maintaining privacy. He has kept his private life and family still secret to media.

He is also not active in social media as other celebrities, which makes it difficult to know about his personal life, especially for his fans. However, as far as we know, he has a wife named Carolin Bacic and the couple share three children together.

There isn’t even a single image of his marriage or his family available on the web. If you search “Steve Bacic marriage image,” then you will find this image, but it is not him. Steve Bacic´s rumored marriage photo Steve Bacic's rumored marriage photo You can spend hours over the internet to search for his details, but it's not worth trying.

Few people even doubt his gender, thinking he is gay despite he has addressed the doubt on several occasions. But still, the rumor carries on.

Steve Bacic bio

The Canadian star Steve was born on March 13, 1965, in a small village in Lisicic, Croatia.

But, grow up in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He graduated with an honors degree in Kinesiology and began working at a factory. He had his own auto refurbishing business and owned two houses before becoming an actor. Although, Steve Bacic is a superb actor yet acting was not his first choice.

He desired becoming either a professional athlete, physical therapist or a coach. When Bacic was in his mid-twenties, he went on a road trip with his friends which led him to reside in Vancouver, Canada. Later, he started taking acting classes and met rising stars like Ethan Hawke.

Steve Bacic mysterious celebrity Steve Bacic mysterious celebrity He has appeared on TV series such as Smallville, Highlander, The Outer Limits, and Street Justice. He also made a debut on The X-files where he played the role of a "SWAT officer" who soaks himself with gasoline.

Steve Bacic has also performed in movies such as X - Men 2, Deck the Halls, The 6th Day, Threshold. Also, Hallmark Channel film The Colt, Safe Harbor and She Made Them Do It on Lifetime.

Steve Bacic net worth

You may be curious about Steve Bacic’s salary or his net worth.

Unfortunately, just like his marital status, his salary and net worth are also not disclosed. However, according to net worth star the actor worths 2 million. On the other hand, net worth post claims he is worth 6 million in 2018. At the end of the day, it is still a mystery.