Justin Bieber's Wife Hailey Baldwin: Check Out His Complete Dating History

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Justin Bieber's Wife Hailey Baldwin: Check Out His Complete Dating History

A Grammy Award-winning young Canadian singer and songwriter, Justin Bieber gained lots of popularity. His latest debut includes Despacito, I’m the one and let me love you. Justin Bieber has linked up with many females in his life including Selena Gomez, Sofia Richie, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and so on.

The rumors of Justin’s relationship has always been on the top, and it’s no big deal for him.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin: From Friends to Wife

Justin Bieber has confirmed via Instagram that he's is happily married.

It was November 2018, Bieber posted a photo of him and Baldwin with a simple caption marking their relationship clear. https://www.instagram.com/p/BqNbWX5nj2J/?utm_source=ig_embed Justin wrote that this year was his first Thanksgiving as a married man.

He posted a photo with a lengthy Thanksgiving wished to his fans on 24 November 2018 on his Instagram. Back in September, The two get married at New York City courthouse and engaged in July without telling anyone about their wedding ceremony.

After that, Bieber's wife, Baldwin switched her name to Hailey Biber on an Instagram account. In 2016, Justin linked up with a model Hailey Baldwin when he was spending the holidays with his family in Anguilla. Later, Hailey claimed that they were just a good friend.

Justin with BaskinUs Weekly at the time, adding that they later had an “intimate, private date”. They seemed to like each other quite a lot. Next time, they were seen together joined by the former flings Kourtney Kardashian and Hailey Baldwin at the church on Wednesday, October 4.

Justin with his girlfriend Paola Later in the evening, the duo was seen at Soho House in West Hollywood and had dinner together. The sources said, According to the source, “Justin wanted Carl to meet Paola - he needs his approval.

Carl is a close friend, a father figure or like a big brother to JB and lead pastor of Hillsong Church, New York City. We have to suggest, any reader who seriously wants to be a part of Justin's life must first get an approval from Carl.

Selena Gomez

When you truly love someone, that someone becomes special to us even when they no longer exist in our life. Same is the case with Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. The on-and-off relationship of Justin and Selena like a roller coaster ride.

Justin and Selena dated each other when they were just teenagers and Selena was the first showbiz girlfriend of Justin Bieber. The two sparked dating rumors in 2010 and the news caught the heart of their fans. Both of them are famous young stars.

There was a rumor of kissing in a yacht while they were together on vacation in St. Lucia. Justin with his ex-girlfriend Selena Justin with his ex-girlfriend Selena They broke up in 2012. The reason was Justin being unfaithful in the relationship. Then the two charming couple officially ended in 2014.

After breaking up with Selena Gomez, Justin linked up with several beauties. However, Bieber and Gomez were spotted together publicly several times, stoking rumors that they had gotten back together. But all these rumors became false after he officially married to Hailey.

Sofia Richie

She was one of the youngest girlfriends of Justin Bieber. Justin and Sofia dated each other in 2016 and often posted photos on their social account. They have traveled to Japan and Mexico together. Justin posted the pictures of him and Sofia Richie on the Instagram but the Beliebers didn't like it and left the snake emojis on the photos of two.

Justin posted on the Instagram pleading with the fans to stop harassing his girlfriend through the comments on their social media account. Surprisingly, Selena also comments, and later apologized him, then deleted the post.

Justin´s ex-girlfriend Sofia RichieJustin's ex-girlfriend Sofia Richie Have a look at Ex-girlfriend Gomez commented on his Instagram.

Kendall Jenner

Justin and Kendall Jenner hook up after the break up with Selena Gomez in 2014. Justin and Kendall Jenner Justin and Kendall Jenner Now, Justin is only a longterm family friend.

But have had many cozy photos together before. They claimed they were not serious about their relationship. Kendall Jenner admits that once she had a crush on Justin Bieber and Bieber gushed about her being beautiful.

Yovanna Venture

Justin also got close to Spanish model Yovanna Venture after splitting with Selena.

Both met in Miami, and they were seen in the Venice beach in California, riding rickshaw around the beach. Justin Bieber with Yovanna VentureJustin Bieber with Yovanna Venture The couple secretly dated each other for five months. The former couple had on and off relationship during 2014 and 2015.

Recently, both of them were spotted in French Montana’s birthday party and seen holding hands wherever they go.

Kourtney Kardashian

In December 2015, Kourtney Kardashian was hooking up with Justin after her breakup with the long-term boyfriend, Scott Disick.

Justin and Kourtney Kardashian Justin and Kourtney Kardashian The duo first met at the church, who happens to be a sister of Kendall Jenner. The couple was in a relationship for a short time. They were spotted several times together at different clubs throughout December.

Barbara Palvin

Bieber first met model Barbara Palvin at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in November 2012 when he was still in a relationship with Selena. Justin with Barbara PalvinJustin with Barbara Palvin The pop star Justin and Palvin clicked a photo and posted on the social media (twitter) and Selena Gomez retweeted a photo of Justin, Lil Twist, and Barbara that Gome shared on Twitter on 8 November 2012 with the caption.

Later Palvin cleared all the misunderstanding through the twitter to Gomez. She denied all the relationship rumors and confirmed that they were just good friends.

Adriana Lima

Justin and Adriana hooked up in Cannes Flim Festival in 2014.

Justin went after the supermodel at the Oak at Club Gotha, and ‘he pursued her hard’. They spent time together and left in an early morning according to the Us Weekly. Justin and British model Jayde sparked rumors that she was his new love.

Justin and Jyade were first spotted together in May 2015. But the 'Sorry' singer and the British model never confirmed their relationship on camera.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr and Justin Bieber started their relationship with the flirty messages.

Then the photo of them came out where JB kissed her cheek during the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. The model is 11 years older than JB. Justin-kissing-Miranda-Kerr Justin-kissing-Miranda-Kerr She was still together with her husband Orlando Bloom while she was in a relationship with Justin.

The news depressed her husband and later Justin was punched well by Orlando. The post reaction of Miranda, she claimed the rumors about her with Justin are ‘false and defamatory.’ No more bathing suit pics of Miranda can be found on JB Insta account.

Shanina Shaik

Shanina Shaik & Justin BieberShanina Shaik & Justin Bieber The Australian model linked up with Justin Bieber in May and spotted together at the pool party in the Mayweather/Pacquiao boxing match and shared a lovely weekend. Justin Bieber is proud of dating this model.

He also posted two pics of her on his Insta that weekend. However, the pair didn’t last long, and now she is engaged to DJ Ruckus.

Chantel Jeffries

Justin Bieber and Chantel Jeffries first hangout together back in 2014.

Several pictures together have been posted on social media. Jeffries and Bieber disclosed the news being real boyfriend and girlfriend while he was racing the cars in Miami. He was charged for using drugs and street racing. In 2016, Bieber and Jeffries were together one of his concert at New York City's Madison Square Garden.

Justiin-with-Chantel-Jeffries Justin-with-Chantel-Jeffries.

Caitlin Beadles

Justin has dated his best friend’s older sister Caitlin Beadles. They were in love for two years from 2007-2009, at that moment he wasn't famous. However still now they are friends.

Justin Bieber with Caitlin Beadles Justin Bieber with Caitlin Beadles

Ashley Moore

Once again romance rumors about Justin Bieber were heard, and he was spotted out with the model Ashley Moore in 2015. Justin with Ashley Moore Justin with Ashley Moore The two sparked dating reports when they hit up a hiking trail together in the Los Angeles mountains.

During their outdoor, Bieber was 22, and Moore was 23. they shared lots of pictures in their social account. Justin shared a picture of Moore to his Instagram. On that year, in March, the duo was spotted kissing and flaunting some major PDA on their date together.

Nicola Peltz

Here is another gorgeous lady whom JB has dated in past years. Justin Bieber dated 23-years-old, actress Nicola Peltz in 2016. These two were seen for the first time in CN Tower in Canada. Bieber and Peltz spent time together at Bieber’s Beverly Hills home after returning from Canada.

Justin with Nicola Peltz Justin with Nicola Peltz They were also spotted having dinner together in Los Angeles. “The two have been chatting for a bit now,” as claimed by different sources. “He‘s really into her”. However, After some time the couple broke up.

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