Accuser Sues Danny Elfman for Defamation Over Se-ual Misconduct Claims

Elfman faces legal challenge amid serious misconduct accusations.

by Nouman Rasool
Accuser Sues Danny Elfman for Defamation Over Se-ual Misconduct Claims
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Danny Elfman has been hit with a new lawsuit in Los Angeles. Composer Nomi Abadi sued Elfman for defamation. The suit comes on the heels of a previous Rolling Stone story that touched upon allegations against Elfman, ranging from se-ual improprieties to an agreed-upon silence.

Abadi is claiming in the suit she filed almost to the day, a year after Elfman's initial denial of those claims, that he defamed her by doing so. They also contend Elfman started a smear campaign against Abadi in an effort to save his own reputation, which they say has been tarnished by the se-ual misconduct allegations.

In court documents, Abadi wrote the dispute has its genesis in 2016 when Elfman allegedly exposed and masturbated during a professional setting. In 2017 this allegations gave rise to an $830,000 settlement and NDA. But he ran into trouble when an attorney for Abadi said afterward that Elfman had "gone back on her word," -- prompting her to sue him last July, seeking $300k in a breach of contract action.

Her legal team says that, despite attempting to do so, arbitration has not been scheduled yet.

Elfman Refutes Allegations

Elfman denied the acts described by Abadi, according to a statement published by Rolling Stone. He framed the charges as another example of Abadi attacking him, saying that "You can picture them sitting around a table...

snickering and plotting how they are going to disrupt our marriage because someone has an unhealthy obsession with me. When he tried to distance himself, Elfman said Abadi retaliated. The lawsuit specifically points to Elfman's depiction of Abadi as being dishonest and spiteful, alleging it has caused her reputation in the music business and academia extreme harm.

This includes an episode in Paris when Elfman allegedly pushed for Abadi to pose naked-later, devolving into worse allegations of se-ual coercion during the shoot. A shocking new claim made by Abadi tells the story of a martini glass Elfman once offered, allegedly believed contained masturbating fluid.

Soon after, Elfman's people hit back, claiming it was really a skincare product: Cetaphil. In the lawsuit, Elfman's denial and counter-explanation are alleged to help further defame her. Now another woman (also repped by the same attorney as Abadi) has accused Elfman of similar actions, adding to a chorus of voices questioning his behavior - the lawsuit aims to dismantle that very pattern.

The music industry will be following these legal proceedings very closely, and for those involved - the outcomes may effect more than just their reputations. Abadi is seeking compensatory and punitive damages, among other relief related to what she claims have been personal and professional injuries as a result of the defamation.