Benji Gregory, 'ALF' Child Star, Dies at 46

Tragic end for 'ALF' star and his service dog.

by Nouman Rasool
Benji Gregory, 'ALF' Child Star, Dies at 46
© benji_gregory/Instagram

Benji Gregory, the kid who starred as young Brian Tanner on the classic '80s sitcom "ALF," has died. The Maricopa County Medical Examiner's Office confirmed his death, but the cause was not yet determined. Gregory was found dead in his car outside a Chase Bank on June 13; he had been shot multiple times.

His service dog, Hans, was found dead at his side. Rebecca also offered some insight into her brother's personal demons (via TMZ). Her brother struggled with depression, bipolar disorder and a sleep condition that caused extreme exhaustion.

This often lead him to be up throughout the night, struggling with his demons even more.

Benji's Rise on 'ALF'

Benji Gregory as Brian Tanner on 'ALF' Benji rose to fame in the late 80s by playing teenager-turned-kid again, Brian...

The sitcom was about a wise cracking alien hailing from Melmac -- ALF which crash-landed into the garage of Tanner family. This fictional character was a wise-cracking alien from outer-space created and voiced by Paul Fusco, who became best known for making fun of human customs; almost always in American sitcoms ALF would have his own quirky way.

Although it had a constantly shifting broadcast slot, "ALF" still wound up the tenth most-watched show on prime time from 1987-88. Now, Shout! has made these dearest memories available for fans of the series to relive. Studios recently acquired the title for North American distribution and has made episodes available.

Gregory, who was born in suburban Los Angeles on May 26, 1978 and got his start with guest spots on TV shows like "The A-Team" and "Punky Brewster." Mazar also did voices for "Fantastic Max" and the animated series, "Back to the Future," amongst his work beyond ALF.

He also had on-screen roles in "Murphy Brown" and the movie "Jumpin' Jack Flash". Gregory went on to leave the entertainment business in 2003 and join the U.S. Navy - a surprising career change for him at least. In 2005 he was medically discharged honourably.

The family has requested that donations in honor of her brother be sent to The Actors Equity Foundation orthe ASPCA, which reflects his life long dedication to the theater and eternal love for animals.native.