George Clooney Urges Biden to Bow Out in Bold Op-Ed

Hollywood's Clooney voices deep concerns over Biden's 2024 bid

by Zain ul Abedin
George Clooney Urges Biden to Bow Out in Bold Op-Ed
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In a recent article in the NY Times op-ed page, a known Democrat and a regular political player in Hollywood, George Clooney, has made a rather daring call. He advises President Joe Biden to drop the bid for the 2024 presidential election.

This call has come at a time when there are increasing fears within the party especially after the display by Biden during his outings in the public and the recent debate performances. As a director and an actor who participated in politics-related movies, Clooney was clear with his apprehensions about Biden’s recent appearance, especially after a fundraiser with the latter included.

Entering the presidency with borderline dementia from 2020 victory, Biden unnervingly appeared different. This change became rather obvious during one of the debates on June 27, which Clooney described as disastrous, watched by 51 million Americans.

"Was he tired? Yes. A cold? Maybe," Clooney said in response to what many are now dubbing Biden’s performance, which fills most Democrats with dread. He complained about the leaders of the party who neglected the obvious issues, saying that they could only see a second term of Donald Trump.

Clooney's Stark Warning

The commentary of Clooney is not only centered on the performance issues. He speaks from what he sees as the president’s diminishing mental capacity, especially given Biden’s age, suggesting that the general elections are too critical to overlook because "Democracy is at stake." He is concerned that anointing Biden for a run alters the equation for the Democrats in a way that is potentially disastrous for the party given the losses the incumbent could bring not only in the presidential race itself but possibly taking House and Senate majorities with him.

He also moves the fight to the internal politics of the Democratic Party, stating that the bureaucratic Democrats are now to the modern Democratic Party as Reagan Democrats and Bush Democrats are to the current GOP. Clooney says his party appears to be oblivious to the problems with Biden’s candidacy, which he details.

However, he retained his confidence in the Democrats and singled out the plethora of talents and many colors on the roster. He is not too concerned with concerns about electoral funding or ballot-related concerns when a new nominee comes, insisting that a fresh candidate could awaken the party and people’s spirits.

In his last words, Clooney repeats his admiration for Biden and noting how the latter also saved democracy in 2020, and one can always hope that he will do it again. However, his asking Biden to quit is a call to the party to start questioning the current direction of the party and consider reviewing its strategies for it to win and make the nation stable in the next election.

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