Channing Tatum Reacts to Johansson, Jost's New Film Team-Up

Channing Tatum praises co-star dynamics during recent interview

by Zain ul Abedin
Channing Tatum Reacts to Johansson, Jost's New Film Team-Up
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Against the backdrop of the crazy, passionate 1960s Space Race, the viewers will see Channing Tatum and Scarlett Johansson in roles with successful careers and passion entwined with each other closer look at the romantic comedy "Fly Me to the Moon." Tatum, who takes the role of NASA flight director Cole Davis, gets into the center of the event; the other protagonist, played by Johansson, is a New York PR expert named Kelly Jones who wants to improve public perceptions of NASA.

Their chemistry off-camera rises to another level because Kelly’s supposed joy ride was actually infiltration to sell a fake moon landing to keep boosting the American spirit and deploying threats against the Russian competitors.

In this heavily charged environment, the appearance of Johansson's real-life husband, Colin Jost, brings some surprise in the narrative. Jost, an unknown SNL comedian, also stars in the film as himself after a cameo request by the film’s director, Greg Berlanti, due to their affinity to comedy.

Playful On-Set Chemistry

As Tatum, aged 44, once said during a joint interview with PEOPLE, the lovely chemistry shared by the couple impressed him; he said, "I was like, 'Oh, you guys are cute,'" to which the 39-year-old Johansson giggled.

This off-screen relationship enhances their film circles, especially when Jost works with Johansson in unique ways: he even helps her practice her lines at home. On the last but memorable note, Johansson shares on 'The Tonight Show' that Jost's participation might have been required as per their prenuptial agreement, hints at their playful chemistry.

The idea of secrets enriches the film’s storytelling as it takes place during the advanced optimistic period from a different perspective with the veil of anonymity. Jost’s cameo appearance is both funny and timely although short, and he timely notes that the couple is able to manage and balance work and play and that this is something that Johansson recognizes.

Even if one concentrated on the historical aspect of "Fly Me to the Moon," one would certainly get the message of the romantic comedy part of the movie as its stars clearly demonstrate what it was like during that time in their lives.

With the movie slated for release on the 12th of July, the viewers can never miss the parallel of the film and reality that, when combined with good performances from the cast makes it a thriller worth watching.

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