Barron Trump Joins His Father's Presidential Rally

Trump Family Shines at Florida Campaign Event

by Zain ul Abedin
Barron Trump Joins His Father's Presidential Rally
© Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

On Tuesday night, Barron Trump joined his father at the campaign club in Florida, and the boy was clearly the most popular among the audience, momentarily outshining his father, former President Donald Trump. The teenager was at the same time only 18 years old and sat in front of the stage that his father, Donald Trump used to speak to the enthusiastic listeners in his Doral golf course in Miami.

It was Trump’s campaign to secure the presidential seat for another term as the President of the United States. As is tradition, Donald Trump invited Barron to stand up as he talked about his son and wife, Melania Trump.

Barron, wearing a black suit, stood up from his chair; he is a tall and large man of 1.98 meters and lightly waved to the hearts patients booing the crowd. The audience leaped to its feet, giving the show a standing ovation.

Barron’s First Rally

Donald Trump did not stop focusing on Barron, happily noting that the boy had already decided on the college he will enter though the name of the college was not disclosed by Trump. "very good guy," Trump said, last statement received praise from the audience.

Barron slowly raised, and the crowd once more cheered for him; this time, he had to bow again for the continuous clapping. Some people observed that this was the first time Barron had been present at one of his father’s rallies.

Donald Trump also used Barron’s popularity to crack a joke, saying he is likely to be more popular than his two other sons, Eric and Don Jr. who both attended the rally. "He [Barron] had such a nice easy life," Trump said smilingly, making the audience burst into laughter, adding " ...

now it's a little bit changed." Since there is quite a chance that Donald Trump will be the Republican candidate in the 2024 election, now he’s preparing for a fierce battle with Joe Biden, the current Democratic president.

Biden, who is at the moment the Commander in Chief, has been struggling recently with many issues just to mention a few, for instance, a very bad debate appearance besides the debates raising questions on whether this man is fully healthy mentally.