Martin Brundle Hits Back at Brian May Over British GP Grid Walk Snub

Brian May enjoys memorable day at Silverstone Grand Prix

by Zain ul Abedin
Martin Brundle Hits Back at Brian May Over British GP Grid Walk Snub
© Jack Thomas/Getty Images

Martin Brundle has taken the liberty to apologize to Queen’s guitarist, Brian May, regarding a slightly awkward interaction prior to the British Grand Prix’s walk in which drivers meet the media at their starting positions on the grid.

The show, which was staged at Silverstone, saw Brundle, a current Sky Sports commentator and a former F1 driver, driving through the celebrities before the actual race began. It is a recognizable moment to watch, during which Brundle would usually spit short phrases with the current stars.

On the same walk, Brundle was able to identify an individual by the name of Brian May, famous for his outstanding hairstyle and long hair; at the time, May was in the midst of a conversation with a team staff of Mercedes.

It was this time when Brundle tried to invade May in an interview; the 76-year-old musician was not interested.

Brian May Clarifies Snub

Brian May later said about the day, one that also saw him waving the chequered flag for a Lewis Hamilton victory after a barren run of victories.

May later clarified on his website that he never wanted to give the impression that he was snubbing Brundle. "I had a great day at Silverstone thanks to the kindness of the Mercedes Team," May noted. "My Grandson had some truly historic birthday moments." he further added, "And by the way, apologies to a Mr Brundle – absolutely no intention of snubbing you.

All you see is someone who is nervous of speaking about something of which he has little understanding - and anxious to get to where he is supposed to be!" However, Brundle has a stronger feeling that it is still him who should apologize, according to what May said.

He tweeted on X (formerly known as Twitter), "It is me who should be apologising to Sir Brian May, not him to me for the gridwalk on Sunday at Silverstone," Brundle said. "I didn’t address him as Sir Brian, and I shouldn’t have approached him twice when he wasn’t up for a chat on live TV. Nobody is ever obliged to talk to me on the grid, or anywhere else for that matter."