George Stephanopoulos Caught on Camera Questioning Joe Biden Days After Interview

Stephanopoulos's offhand remark ignites leadership debate.

by Nouman Rasool
George Stephanopoulos Caught on Camera Questioning Joe Biden Days After Interview
© ABC via Getty Images

There is a recent controversy that took place in New York and was recorded where anchor of ABC News George Stephanopoulos was heard doubting Biden’s ability to complete his presidential term. The foregoing event transpired shortly after Stephanopoulos had interviewed Biden, which was an effort to manage the impact of Biden’s abysmally poor showing in the debate against Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican candidate of the forthcoming presidential election.

Witnessed one day while walking in town, Stephanopoulos suddenly found himself in a heated conversation with a complete stranger about his opinion about the president’s ability to complete a full term in presidency, when the stranger posed a question on whether Stephanopoulos ‘‘believes that Biden should drop out of the 2024 race ’’? Rather candidly, the Stephanopoulos replied: ‘‘I don’t think he can serve four more years.

’’ This genuine confrontation was recorded by the cameras, and then TMZ shared the video across the networks, causing a discussion in the media. To contain the ensuing outrage over his comments Stephanopoulos was forced to tell Puck News, “Earlier today I responded to a passerby’s question I shouldn’t have.

” ABC News in a bid to distance itself from Stephanopoulos’s sentiments clarified that his was a personal opinion and not that of the network.

Biden's Leadership Questioned

This occurrence highlights a discourse that is widely debated especially concerning the capacity of Biden to lead especially in terms of his health.

In the interview with Stephanopoulos that was aired last Friday, Biden also dismissed any questions about his ability to lead, especially when some Democrats started calling on him to quit the race for presidency. One such rude moment in the interview that particularly annoyed the president was Stephanopoulos’ question to ask the president whether he disagreed that he had made more slips particularly in the past one year or so, or words to that effect.

The president fired back and used the analogy of athletic performance where he said that he might not be running a 100 meters race in 10 seconds anymore, but he still has a good health. Thus, it remains a popular story, which elicits debates on the expectations of modern celebrities and their ability to balance private convictions with an official position.

The events that transpired or rather the slip Stephanopoulos committed must be regarded as a vivid example of how much pressure political and media personalities is.

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