Travis Kelce Joins Ryan Murphy's New Series 'Grotesquerie' On Set

Travis Kelce dives into acting with a new role

by Zain ul Abedin
Travis Kelce Joins Ryan Murphy's New Series 'Grotesquerie' On Set
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The Kansas City Chiefs' Travis Kelce is all lined up to display his acting skills starting in the fall from the football field to the world of TV this fall, where he is set to be a lead cast in the horror drama by Ryan Murphy, "Grotesquerie," airing on FX.

The news, initially reported by PEOPLE in May, is a new exciting step in driving Kelce’s growing acting career. The new business by Kelce edited on July 9 as Larry McGee, a second unit director of the series, posted an interesting photo with the NFL star on Instagram.

In the photo the pair had their cheerful laughing faces, in front of a background illustrating suburban houses and cars. A huge palm tree and a Sprinter van in the distance successfully made the setting look like a behind-the-scenes, casual environment of the set, which was complemented by McGee’s walkie-talkie, which seemed to be set-essential clipped at his waist.

The caption suggested that there is a mutual support agreement between the two; McGee will support Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs during the upcoming NFL season. Other photos that went viral on social media include more moments of Kelce interacting with the crew; in response to the teasing comments, one of the crew members, Allison Carr, came out in support of the Chiefs.

Kelce's Acting Journey

They bring Kelce on the "Grotesquerie" set not for the first time since the announcement at the show. Earlier, on May 7, actress Niecy Nash-Betts, known for her roles in Murphy’s previous works like "Scream Queens" and "Dahmer" - "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story," She posted a fun behind-the-scenes video.

The short flash of the man as her leading actor was also included, which underlined the teamwork aspect of the show. When talking to "Good Morning America" on June 6, fittingly the day after the Eagles defeated the Patriots in the Super Bowl 2024, 34-year-old Kelce said he was thrilled about the show, as well as about coming back to scripted acting after hosting Saturday Night Live and starring in the Showtime’s Moonbase 8 series.

He jokingly mentioned that this was his rookie season, but he was not fitted as he believed he had always been a good learner and hence-coachable. He was equally excited in his Podcast show "New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce," where he lauded the skills of Ryan Murphy in the storytelling and the supportive nature of the sets.

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