Paul Walter Hauser Apologized for His Previous Comments Towards Vin Diesel

Paul Hauser addresses remarks in heartfelt social media post.

by Nouman Rasool
Paul Walter Hauser Apologized for His Previous Comments Towards Vin Diesel
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Black Bird’s Emmy-winning actor, Paul Walter Houser, has issued a public apology to Vin Diesel after calling the actor pointless for not promoting the series. In his essence Instagram post, Hauser said it was careless and needlessly mean-spirited to say something that ended up causing harm.

In the post, Hauser explained what preceded his uttering of the statement that aroused so much controversy.

A few weeks back, I made a random comment about Vin Diesel,” he began, “It was supposed to be funny, and then I sort of proceeded to verbally beat him up over things I actually heard he did a few times from different people,” Hauser pointed out.

He acknowledged that his comment came after a grueling schedule: Something like: I had done a night shoot the previous day, was barely able to sleep one hour, and I flew to Los Angeles from Atlanta at 6 am for the full day of press for ‘Inside Out 2.

Hauser's Hollywood Frustration

The event that Hauser got acquainted with concerned his conversation with CinemaBlend where he was told to differentiate his voiceover in “Inside Out 2” with Diesel’s MCU roles.

Hauser countered this in humour, “Please don’t say that. I like to believe I am on time and friendly,” Laughter. However, he also had what can be described as frustration with some actions in Hollywood. “Sorry I love people, but when I hear of Hollywood actors very well remunerated and take advantage of people, I expose them time and again, and it’s fun”.

Continuing, Hauser said that thinking it through, while it may be satisfying to reveal unprofessional conduct, it was not productive. ‘I no longer feel that way and am genuinely sorry for shooting my mouth off and not showing love to Vin who I do not know and have never met,’ he said.

Instead, he pointed out the injustice of passing judgments with no proper acquaintance, admitting the potential negative impact on people. Hauser, commenting as a Christian, acknowledged the desire calling for a change in the way he deals with the industry.

“I have to do a better job of loving people and not fixing to ‘set the record straight’ or let my ego prepare to throw down some words. It just isn’t healthy for those around us, and sometimes it hurts people”.

To conclude his apology, the man offered his thanks to Diesel for all that he had done for entertainment acknowledging that they were in the same business. He thanked her for entertaining so many people and making them happy, telling her ‘I am trying to do the same. ’ Hauser also left a final remark, ‘Time for me to be quiet; I sometimes talk myself into idiocy. ’

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