Trump Speaks Out, But This Time, No One's Listening

Trump highlights electoral discrepancies, flaunts support at boat parade.

by Zain ul Abedin
Trump Speaks Out, But This Time, No One's Listening
© Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

As debate rages regarding President Joe Biden's mental faculties and how it may impact his re-election bid, Donald Trump-the former president synonymous with a ceaseless media presence- has been comparatively low-key. However, Trump has by no means been out of the picture.

Indeed, press scrutiny of Walker's actions, many of them mired in controversy and legal challenge by this time a year ago, has ebbed. New York Times correspondent Maggie Haberman had some details for CNN host Kaitlan Collins: “He doesn't enjoy being out of the news cycle.

And, "I think he just wants the storyline to return on him, and this is feeling more comfortable for him if it's going to be Biden versus Trump," she said. Trump has been particularly active on his new platform, Truth Social, posting 37 times in just the past day.

That included sharing a host of opinion pieces from conservative outlets arguing his immunity by prosecution and celebrating a New Gingrich post. Praise for Trump from Gingrich compared the current president's impact to Abraham Lincoln & George Washington, keeping the union intact.

Trump's Boastful Parade

He also took to social media to boast about topless men and a boat parade in his honour -- one he insists garnered even more participants than any Biden equivalent ever could have. He also called out the French electoral oddity where Marine Le Pen received more votes in her party without receiving commensurate representation — a mirror of his 2016 election win.

It is also clear in the 2024 platform of the Republican National Committee, which has largely flattered Trump. Among the vows on offer: completing what would be America's biggest-ever deportation raid, combating a supposed abuse of federal power and cancelling requirements in electric vehicle mandates - not to mention gender issues as they pertain to sports.

In a pre-taped interview on Sean Hannity, Trump poked fun at Biden's appearance in his last debate, saying he was “very white” and that it could be because of makeup or just "because." Trump said he wished Biden would stay in the race, suggesting that his own campaign was potentially awaiting an announcement of a new vice president.

This seemingly passive but active-in-the-background strategy is typical of the tack Trump has taken in regaining some share attention, focusing on getting into position for a future presidential run.