John Corbett Calls Acting 'Unfulfilling' and 'Boring,' Expresses Regret

John Corbett reveals stark truths about his acting career.

by Zain ul Abedin
John Corbett Calls Acting 'Unfulfilling' and 'Boring,' Expresses Regret
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On Dana Carvey and David Spade's 'Fly on the Wall' podcast, 63-year-old former "S-x and the City" star John Corbett admitted he has a lot of regrets about his acting career as of late. The actor shared his unfulfillment and opened up about unintentional pitfalls of the career he has held for over a decade.

Reaching into the fourth quarter of both his life and career, Corbett saw this phase as a special opportunity to reflect, laying bare all cards face out on the table. "It's just a fact. And now I can finally say, I got the (expletive) thing that wrong in life," he admitted on the podcast.

Corbett has enjoyed major success in show business - with roles in smash movies like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and series such as "Northern Exposure" and the little-watched Showtime dramedy 'United States of Tara' His admission it wasn't enough was a bit shocking.

Corbett illustrated an important part in his disappointment: missing creativity. My name is on everyone's lips, and I have more money than you could ever imagine and a fucking beautiful house. But in terms of having a life that feels meaningful and creative, I didn't write one (expletive) line.

Not one joke I wrote elicited a laugh from anyone. So it's been unsatisfying in that sense.

Acting's Tedious Reality

His depiction of actor in regular life also cleared up his frustration. In an example of the bored aphasic, Corbett likened shooting a movie to "waiting around in a doctor's office or watching paint dry.

According to him, "90% of it is just sitting waiting for them to (expletive) knock on your door: *Hey, we need you to come back and say that thing again*." Though Hollywood has a connotation of glamour, Corbett said, he called his life "sad" and added that anyone who had been to the set would visit once but never again.

Looking forward, he proposed that in future, only "really, really fun" roles catch his eye but admitted to regrets about taking on projects because they looked "like a good time. Corbett had a harsh reality check for wannabe actors during the podcast.

And I just want these young people coming to Hollywood, there are so many of you who come here with great expectations and this is what happens in this town," he warned. You're (expletive) are not going to have a 40-year career where you only get hired as an actor and live in a multimillion-dollar house....

You kind of just have to realize that that's not going to be the case. Corbett's truth talk gives us a peek behind the celeb curtain and some perspective on the way it really works, as opposed to how we so often like to see it depicted.