Elon Musk's Response to Joe Rogan's Stand-Up Return After 6 Years

Joe Rogan's new Netflix special stirs varied public opinions including Elon Musk.

by Nouman Rasool
Elon Musk's Response to Joe Rogan's Stand-Up Return After 6 Years
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Joe Rogan, the famous personality, announced his first stand-up comedy special in six years recently, to which tech entrepreneur Elon Musk had a simple response: "cool." After six years, the stand up comedy special by the name “Burn The Boats” is all set to go live on Netflix this Saturday at 7 PM PST.

The show is not only Rogan’s first new special since the 2018 performance of “Strange Times,” but it also keeps Netflix collaborations after his previous specials that are 2016 “Triggered. ” Despite being known now mainly as an MMA analyst and the host of the popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan has been a comedian since 1988.

However, there is always something that Rogan’s fans have been looking forward to, and that is his appearance in stand-up comedy. On the social media platform X, which used to be known as Twitter, the fans could post their willing feelings to wait for them, some of the post it; ‘’I’m pumped for the new bits’’, some of post showing amusement as they noted that they had loved his jokes adding that ‘’sure this one will be lit’’.

Mixed Audience Reactions

However, not all feedback was positive. Some users expressed their wish that Rogan would debut his special on X instead of Netflix, with playful comments about Musk's potential thoughts on the matter: "Elon says cool but he’s tryna figure out how he can get a Joe Rogan special on X" and "Don’t do it on Netflix.

Do it on X." Some of it brought some people out with their less politically correct views about Joe Rogan’s comedy where one of the users wrote, “Joe Rogan is not funny. Maybe entertaining but never funny. ” and “no thank you”.

In his latest interview with Musk, the tech mogul crossed the line and made a ‘humor’ line regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict that Rogan looked visibly uncomfortable. Musk even said something in a joking manner about ‘cutting the supply of chickpeas’ in order to establish peace, and while he said it, he knew it was funny, although the situation was grim.

This mixture of comedy, social issues, and celebrities’ responses on the show is still growing the talking points and discussion of the future episode of the comedy special of Rogan.

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