Disney Reportedly Developing 'The Devil Wears Prada' Sequel

Fashion world buzzing with sequel rumors and cast reactions.

by Zain ul Abedin
Disney Reportedly Developing 'The Devil Wears Prada' Sequel
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Get ready for a fashion return! Is Miranda Priestly making a big-screen comeback after almost two decades? It emerged that Aline Brosh McKenna, the scriptwriter of "The Devil Wears Prada," is reportedly working on a sequel to the 2006 movie hit, according to Puck News.

The original film was produced by Wendy Finerman who is also set to develop and produce the sequel. According to Deadline, the director of the original film, David Frankel, is in talks about a possible comeback. McKenna and Finerman are said to be participating in the show, but no casting offers have been made.

The film which was nominated for Oscars had a A-list cast that included Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Stanley Tucci and Adrian Grenier. Fox 2000 Pictures, the production company behind the first movie, is owned by Disney after Disney purchased 20th Century Fox in 2019.

The 2006 movie, an adaptation of Lauren Weisberger’s novel, depicts the life of recent college journalism graduate Andy Sachs (Hathaway) who becomes a personal assistant to the ruthless editor-in-chief of Runway magazine, Miranda Priestly (Streep).

When entering the world of fashion magazines Andy is accompanied by her fellow assistant Emily Charlton (Blunt) and art director Nigel (Tucci). Since its launch in the mid of June, the movie generated approximately $326 million worldwide, and Streep received her fourteenth Oscar nomination.

According to Puck News, the sequel’s premise could involve Priestly, the owner of Runway, who struggles with the modern world of publishing and the magazine’s declining profitability. However, Emily has to be a probable executive of one of the luxury brand conglomerates that advertise in Runway magazine.

Stars' Sequel Doubts

Blunt and Hathaway have both stated that they are content with the original movie’s ability to stand on its own. Hathaway, 41, said in an interview with Extra in April that people should not "get your hopes up too high" about the sequel.

In March, she told E! News that she didn’t “think a continuation of that story is probably ever gonna happen”. In February this year, Blunt, 41, said in the Happy Sad Confused podcast that they are fine not making a sequel.

"Sometimes things should be cherished and preserved in this bubble and it’s okay." Six years ago Blunt said in an interview with PEOPLE magazine that she did not believe that the second movie could be made but if everyone were to do it, she would agree.

Blunt also added, "Almost hope it doesn’t [happen] because I think sometimes when you sequel everything, it kind of dilutes how special the original is." But in the interview on The View in 2022, she said that, "I would do [a sequel] in a heartbeat just to play with those guys again." Just days before Blunt made his comments, Hathaway told hosts of The View that she wasn’t sure if a sequel is possible.

She said it would be quite enticing to go on with the story, but she wasn’t quite sure that it would come to fruition. Hathaway even proposed a reboot with a new cast stating, "But they could relaunch it. They could find new people and do it. Do you think they’d let us do that?"