Kevin Bacon Celebrates 66th Birthday with a Shirtless Snap: 'This Is 66'

Kevin Bacon discusses his dynamic cinematic journey

by Zain ul Abedin
Kevin Bacon Celebrates 66th Birthday with a Shirtless Snap: 'This Is 66'
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

American actor Kevin Bacon left his followers weak at the knees on Monday as he turned 66 in style. He took to Instagram to share a majestic shirtless picture in which he could be seen shirtless wearing navy blue shorts and a black jacket half-buttoned as he leaned against a rock.

The only caption to the picture which depicted him flexing his nicely chiseled muscles, was, "This is 66", along with a birthday cake emoji. This attracted a lot of attention to the photo and not only fans but even celebrities.

Amy Sedaris, a comedian, made a jolly remark saying, "??? Happy Birthday!! #cancerman" while Shawn Ashmore, the 'The Rookie' actor, wrote, "Happy birthday Kev!! Have a great one!!" Adding more laughter and joy to the birthday party, Bacon has been married to his wife for more than 35 years, Kyra Sedgwick, an actress; she also gave him a beautiful happy birthday message on her Instagram page.

"If you were to ask me about bacon, I would say bacon is part of a balanced breakfast. But if you asked me on a deeper level, I would say, (Kevin) Bacon is the love of my life, my only one, happy birthday!"

Bacon's Nostalgic Roles

The couple is still together and started dating in the early 1980s during the shooting of the TV-PBS film 'Lemon Sky' followed by marriage in the same year of 1988.

They have two children together: Travis, born in 1986, and Sosie, born in 1988. Speaking in an interview with People Magazine, Bacon sketched out his intentions to follow up the film 'Foreman' with 'MaXXXine,' a slasher film that he will be headlining with Mia Goth.

This is a feature film in Ti West’s horror series that comprises 'X' and 'Pearl', and this pictured production being set in Los Angeles in 1985. The year is significant for Bacon only a year away from his major film appearance in the dance movie 'Footloose' released in 1984.

Describing his experience during that significant period, Bacon said, "It was a crazy time for me - you know, ‘84 is the last time I was invited to the Oscars. I was a presenter in 1984. I haven't been there since, you know; it was like a kind of a magical time for me. Magical, but also a little frightening when you feel your life changing so dramatically."