Glen Powell Posts Sizzling Snap with His Pup in Celebration of 'Twisters' Premiere!

Glen Powell shares insights on Brisket's charming set life

by Zain ul Abedin
Glen Powell Posts Sizzling Snap with His Pup in Celebration of 'Twisters' Premiere!
© John Phillips/Getty Images

Glen Powell is known to have a great affection towards animals, particularly dogs, and this has come to the limelight since he got his lovely doggy during July 2023. Originally from the Labelle Foundation, Brisket is not only the foundation’s pet but also an internet bard and a movie star of the forthcoming film "Twisters." To sum up, on July 8, Powell posted several happy photos with the dog and expressed his joy considering Brisket’s impact on the shooting of "Twisters." These images were captured in front of the scenes of filming a movie and depicted Brisket lying in the director’s chair and being hugged by the other performers of the movie.

The post that was full of joy and laughter was teasing Brisket about his possibly successful acting future and referred to him as the Lassie of his generation.

Powell’s follow-up message was sweet and playful by asking for his fans to vote for him and get Brisket as the lead in the 'Homeward Bound' sequel where Brisket can be the 'King of the Jungle' of Hollywood.

The account has gained more than 27000 followers, enjoying pictures of him and Powell in cowboy hats and a provocative and yet romantic selfie of Powell in a towel with Brisket awaiting him.

Brisket's Set Family

In a June interview with PEOPLE, Powell was able to give information regarding life with Brisket, stressing how the "Twisters" team had welcomed the dog like one of them.

"Everybody can be a dog dad, but I really feel like I bring him everywhere, so he really has so many co-parents," Powell said, stating that there are many co-parents on set. He also narrated how every department on the set of "Twisters" had their time attending to Brisket; thus, the friendly and tiny dog, easy to relate with, felt right at home.

As put by Powell, Brisket has traveled and expanded his or her experience and does not feel the negativity of different ambiance. This is something that Powell jokingly said could lead to Brisket overshadowing him in terms of popularity and on an instance that he experienced in New York when a stranger easily identified him with Brisket.

"He's definitely developed a following, for sure," he said when asked about Brisket’s boost in funnies popularity. "Twisters" is set to premiere on July 19.