Stephen Colbert: Biden a 'Great President,' Debates Like 'Dug-Up' Lincoln

Colbert returns, critiques presidential debate with sharp humor.

by Nouman Rasool
Stephen Colbert: Biden a 'Great President,' Debates Like 'Dug-Up' Lincoln
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

So last Night with weren't a go after the first Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump 11 days ago...and we missed you. This evening, Stephen Colbert made his return to the air and offered up a brutally honest review of everything.

As host of "The Late Show," Colbert did not hold back. Colbert applauded: "Nice job for your first week on the job," and then asked aloud, rhetorically, about what lies ahead. "So, should he stay? Should he go? Who am I to recommend? Lord knows what Joe Biden is thinking." He joked: "Between myself and Joe Biden, something that we seem to both have in common.

Even though Biden had to answer questions about his age, Colbert pointed out that the 90-minute debate on CNN was filled with Trump lies and divisiveness as opposed to letting him prove why other candidates need not apply.

Biden's Debate Debacle

To be sure, Joe just had to get in there and assure people that he's not too old. Only Biden was so brittle that he nearly caused Trump to breakdance for 90 minutes in an orgy of lying, racism, and bizarre golf-bragging, making this - phones it might surprise you to know are ringing off the hook as a result - arguably his worst debate performance of all time.

But I think that is unfair. Colbert joked that if you dug him up right now, Biden "debated as well as Abraham Lincoln. Stephen Colbert is heading back to "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" Monday after a break in which one could imagine storm clouds gathering above the Eye of Mordor, and so it seems that he will be returning more prepared as ever to comment on politics.

NBC's Seth Meyers and "The Tonight Show" lead Jimmy Fallon are also expected to weigh in on the debate, as well. Coincidentally, Jon Stewart gave his old late-night platform over to Colbert for the debate. Host once a week, Stewart proposed then presidential candidates go on PEDs to enhance their focus, problem-solving skills, and, in one candidate's case, his honesty/morale compass—Stewart was just kidding.

“In one of the cases, improve their truthfulness, and how about we add morality because this is really going to be a scorched-earth election — suppository away if performance-enhancing drugs are gonna make them clear-headed so they can solve problems,” Stewart joked.