Nicolas Cage Reveals Retirement Plans: Just 3-4 Lead Roles Remaining

Cage opens up about his nuanced acting approach.

by Nouman Rasool
Nicolas Cage Reveals Retirement Plans: Just 3-4 Lead Roles Remaining
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Nicolas Cage, the versed actor who works in Hollywood as unceasingly as possible, talked recently with the press about his acting withdrawal expectation. This came after his past remarks about his possible self-excommunication from his glorious career.

When Cage spoke to Vanity Fair in 2023, he mentioned that he might have 3 to 4 movies in him, implying his possible retirement; he also remarked that he felt he had done what he had to regarding cinema performance, claiming that he took film performance as far as it can go.

Yet, Cage wished to elaborate on these statements in an interview with The New Yorker the other day. When he was pressed about his retirement schedule, he softened his previous statements. ‘Oh, I did two or three very supporting roles, so maybe three or four more lead roles’.

Possibly that is more of what I was saying ‘, responded Cage, signaling the slight shift in his plans for the future. He claimed the role he got in the movie “Longlegs’’, which was widely acclaimed, was a supporting role, and this correlates with the transition that he has yet to complete in the movie industry.

Cage on Career Caution

Cage continued discussing the specifics of the decision-making during acting and possible consequences of not knowing when to switch tactics. ‘Obviously, it would’ve been a slippery slope, I think more of it could’ve turned into something almost too silly.

You don’t want to see that the shark is made of rubber, do you?’ …‘You want the shark to be scary and keep it under the water for a lot of it…’ he said figuratively regarding the fate of his characters and performances.

Further, when asked about a message that newcomers to Cage’s work can watch, the actor recommended the movie called “Pig,” a drama from the year 2021, where he plays a truffle hunter in the forests of Oregon.

This part is also very different from his usual roles of playing intense characters and affirms his flexibility as an actor. It is probably something everyone can find something in it or find solace in because tragedy is going to strike us all at one point or another; it’s just when that differs, he noted.

It’s also a movie that to me is like a folk song, you know, gentle, quiet kind of movie, which again is in contrast to what we began with that concept of people thinking I was crazy.

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