Michael Moore's 'Heartbreaking' Verdict on Biden's Debate Performance

Political commentator Michael Moore critiques Biden's prospects in Michigan.

by Nouman Rasool
Michael Moore's 'Heartbreaking' Verdict on Biden's Debate Performance
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During a recent MSNBC interview, successful motion picture director and politico activist Michael Moore described himself as deeply worried about Joe Biden’s presidency, comparing it to abuse of a senior citizen. MOore based this on Biden’s recent debate that he said was heartbreaking.

Describing his feeling when watching the debate a week ago, Moore said to MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin: imagining the question words as Follows, an operation was to question, why did they even let him go out on the stage in this condition?; Who was looking out for him?; Who’s looking out for him, right now? To this end, Moore, who is known to have rather bold opinions, admitted that being a certain age is not an absolute taboo to run for president, but focused on the Biden specific difficulties in the debate beyond mere old age.

“There was something wrong that night,” He commented. “It was so clear to every one of us; none of us can say that he or she did not witness what occurred. ”

Michigan Political Challenges

In terms of the political circumstances in his home state of Michigan, Moore described what Biden has as a ‘huge problem’ and pronounced the state almost ‘unwinnable’ for the president.

Some of the reasons that have potentially given rise to this belief may include doubts over Biden’s mental fitness, disapproval by Arab American and the youthful population on the Gaza stand. At the same time, Moore did not sparing Biden’s praises for progressives, stating that he is “the most progressive president that we’ve had in my lifetime.

” Moore also appreciated Biden for beating Trump in the 2020 election describing the latter as an evil spirit. “I removed the devil in 2020,” Moore said. Moreover, Moore went on to to extend the matter urging Biden to go for a complete medical examination given what he described as perfectly clear medical conditions during the debate. He said that if such an assessment is indicating worry about Biden’s health, the president himself should much better resign and transfer the power to the Vice President Kamala Harris.