Joe Rogan Clashes with Producer on Biden Comments - 'No, No, No'

Joe Rogan debates media integrity on his podcast

by Zain ul Abedin
Joe Rogan Clashes with Producer on Biden Comments - 'No, No, No'
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On his podcast show, The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan and his producer, had a heated argument on the accuracy of what others, particularly Joe Scarborough of TV, had to say about President Joe Biden. It occurred after Biden debated the then-incumbent President Donald Trump in Atlanta recently, which created furor and questions on the ability of Biden to continue with the presidential campaigns.

After the June 27 debate skeptics and admirers both doubted Biden, blaming flu-like symptoms, which he allegedly had, for less convincing performance. Nevertheless, to his fans at the next rally, Biden insisted that he is able to meet all the needs of the presidential position and promised with fervor.

The controversy over Rogan’s podcast started when guest comedian Jimmy Dore and Rogan watched a part of the MSNBC show, Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough. In a segment aired in March, Scarborough came to the defense of Biden’s supposed intellectual ability, outright daring viewers, "F you if you can't handle it."

Scarborough's Stark Shift

Hearing Scarborough defend Cain and laughing during the review, Rogan and Dore just could not believe that Scarborough was as certain on the show as he was in his post-debate statement.

They elaborated on how political analysts tend to write in circles, which is well illustrated by the contrast of Scarborough's rhetoric before and after the debate. The discomfort began rising when Rogan’s producer joined the discussion and mistakenly attributed the clip as being a post-debate discussion.

This was a statement from Rogan, who corrected him on this aspect, pointing at the change of narrative after the debate what he described as the greatest 180 turnaround of all time. This developed into a discourse on media credibility and how it is hard to retain the audience’s confidence, given that personalities such as Scarborough can reverse his positions so sharply.

Rogan and Dore expressed their discontent towards swings in opinion, pointing at the hypocrisy of such a move in relation to the prevailing political systems.