Cops Called After Rick Springfield Fan Visits Home Twice

Unexpected visitor disrupts peace at Springfield's residence.

by Nouman Rasool
Cops Called After Rick Springfield Fan Visits Home Twice
© Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

A disturbing pattern of escapades from a crazed fan led to police being dispatched to rock idol Rick Springfield's Malibu home, law enforcement sources said. According to TMZ, the woman, who was said to be in her 40s, had trespassed on Springfield's Los Angeles-area property twice within the past week.

Security guards at the gated community thwarted similar efforts but Springfield was again conned by one of her fans posing as a cleaner. While she did not come face-to-face with Springfield during her trips, on the second try, she made it to his house and spoke with one of his sons.

Ironic Stranger Encounter

It's a bit of an ironic confrontation, considering we are talking about the same guy who sang "Don't Talk to Strangers" in his 1982 hit… and well, Springfield's son just met one. A call was made to Springfield's residence, leading the situation to spiral out of control.

In this case, they confronted the woman - telling her in no uncertain terms she was not welcome and making it clear that should would return at great risk to herself. Although prosecutors stopped short of calling it stalking due to the interruption.

The act of stalking a case should contain repeated following and harassing the person or even threatening to make someone feel they are not safe on their own. Here, the actions taken by the woman are invasive but do not meet these criteria just yet.

The woman departed after a visit by police and has not returned since. Springfield and his community have local law enforcement on their side, he said, with additional patrols planned in the area to ensure Springfield is safe.

But the incident was a stark demonstration of how challenging it can be for public figures to navigate some very invasive privacy and safety threats - which underline their needs for security. While being a fan is great, it's even greater to keep in mind that boundaries must be respected.