'Enough is Enough': Rob Reiner Joins Major Donors Urging Biden to Step Down

Hollywood donor urges Biden to step aside after debate

by Zain ul Abedin
'Enough is Enough': Rob Reiner Joins Major Donors Urging Biden to Step Down
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There is a campaign trip of President Joe Biden to Pennsylvania, which will help revive his reelection campaign. However, in Hollywood, he has lost another major funder after a soporific display in the 27 June debate. Less than two weeks after hosting a fundraiser for Vice President Kamala Harris, this bold filmmaker has asked President Biden to step aside.

Reiner himself has described the 81-year-old President as a man who not only served but honored, decently and dignified! Moreover, he is in good company now with Damon Lindelof, Netflix’s Reed Hastings, and Abigail Disney urging Biden to quit the race.

Similar to other observers, Reiner says it is more important to protect American democracy from Donald Trump than for the at times incoherent and sometimes stammering Biden to carry on with his campaign. The outcome of such a position by Reiner could be huge.

He has been donating and supporting Biden and Democrats for a very long time now. The loss of Reiner’s support proves to be a major problem for the President.

VP Addresses Debate

Reiner and his wife Michele invited Kamala Harris on June 29 in Los Angeles, two days after Trump outperformed the shaky Biden during the debate.

At that event, the Vice President had to face the 'elephant in the room'; he said that although Biden’s debut was not his 'best.' However, she said that nothing in the campaign has shifted and Biden will still triumph over Trump.

This point of view can be heard from many Democrats, but it hardly seems optimistic now. Walking rounds of Hollywood, one fashion documented and circled, another accepted big-time studio director privileging: "He’s cooked," told another well-known Hollywood director to Deadline regarding Reiner’s determination.

The Democrats, such as Reiner, are coming out in the open to condemn Biden and suggesting that the former president should decline the ticket affiliated with Biden. Reiner’s message also leads to the understanding that such calls will be made further, regardless of Biden’s Live Interview with George Stephanopoulos on July 22. And that interview is another moment when the fate of Biden is decided, as many still doubt his capability to progress.

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