Wildfire Threatens Michael Jackson's Iconic Neverland Ranch

Efforts intensify to control wildfire near historical landmark of Michael Jackson.

by Nouman Rasool
Wildfire Threatens Michael Jackson's Iconic Neverland Ranch
© Jason Kirk/Getty Images

Parts of California are under an evacuation order as a massive wildfire spreads at an explosive rate. Santa Barbara County - The fire in the vicinity of Santa Barbaras' infamous Neverland Ranch has taken an ominous turn where images show smoke enveloping the iconic gates to Michael Jackson's former home.

The wildfire was spreading into the wetland at an "extreme rate of spread" and sending up a large column of smoke seen miles away, according to The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. While fire crews have rapidly deployed significant resources here to track the flames, firefighters are in an uphill battle against time: The blaze has stretched over 12,227 acres.

Ramping Up Containment

Containment efforts have been ramped up as well, with the Santa Barbara County Fire Department (SBC Fire) releasing ten air tankers and three helicopters, they reported on X. Fresh winds are continuing to fan the flames because they still have a mind of their own and it is making management extremely difficult.

Additionally, an evacuation warning has been issued for the Zaca Lake Resort, with fire officials closely watching the escalating danger. Cal Fire stated the fire started near Zaca Lake on Santa Lucia Road around 4 p.m. local time July 5.

Mandatory evacuations were also ordered for residents on both sides of Figueroa Mountain Road from the Forest Station to Chamberlin Ranch. In addition, evacuation orders for areas north of Zaca Creek Road and east of Foxen Canyon Road to Sisquoc River have been issued with all residents urged to leave immediately.

And while the community rallies to try and pick up whatever pieces it can from this natural disaster, the situation again shows how urgent additional agency action is needed to protect lives and property as a result of impacts like those seen following the Lake Fire.

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