Justin Bieber Dazzles, Dances at Lavish Billionaire Wedding

Bieber's surprise performance electrifies billionaire's wedding event

by Zain ul Abedin
Justin Bieber Dazzles, Dances at Lavish Billionaire Wedding
© Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Pop sensation Justin Bieber didn't play to a sold-out concert audience, Instead, he did an exclusive show for a billionaire's lavish wedding celebration in Mumbai. This was no ordinary stop on a concert tour but a guest performance at the pre-wedding sangeet of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant that was filled with music and dance.

For the sangeet that kicks off an Indian wedding, the Canadian singer came to bustling Mumbai.

Apart from such local acts as local bands, DJs, etc., indeed for this event saw his persona - Bieber himself - playing those old hits. A video going viral on the Internet shows Bieber taking centre stage. With untamed energy he began dancing in his own unique way before inviting a young woman to join him up there.

They swirled around the floor of dance, his laughter mingling with applause from delighted guests.

Night to Remember

The party got crazier than ever as Bieber trotted out some of his hit songs.

It not only set the atmosphere for dancing guests, however - in general, all this reinforced a sense of tension that would last until morning, how could those gathered forget it? Such a night as this must have remained in people's memories for a long afterwards.

As more top-tier celebrities perform at Ambani and Merchant's events, reflecting their networks and status, this event is one of them. Earlier in the year, no less a celebrity than Rihanna graced another wedding event like this for them and all those present both on the scene pleased.

Bieber's appearance at the sangeet is significant because following his diagnosis for Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, he has made special considerations about his "Justice" tour. His public appearances in the past year have been few and far between but high profile: there was a guest performance at Coachella and also an appearance during the NHL All-Star Game Weekend in Toronto.

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