Prince William's TV Doc Highlights New 'Homewards' Homelessness Initiative

Exploring the human stories behind the housing crisis

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince William's TV Doc Highlights New 'Homewards' Homelessness Initiative
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A brand new, groundbreaking documentary series with episodes, "Prince William: We Can End Homelessness," demonstrates his ongoing commitment. In this two-part series due to broadcast on ITV this autumn we look at the stall year of his pioneering project, 'Homewards.'

This brand new project, launched in 2023, aimed to deal once and for all with rough sleeping, sofa surfing and suchlike through the sheer weight of concerted effort applied across the whole of UK society. Asking all the stakeholders who might be helped - individuals and organizations in Newport, South Wales, the Dorset towns of Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch, London’s borough of Lambeth, Belfast, Aberdeen, Sheffield.

The documentary promises to give a human insight into the intricacies of the project’s operation, with personal journeys of presently homeless or formerly homeless people. Distinctive praises and inspirations of local projects will also feature, turning viewers on to these multifaceted efforts.

Voices of Homelessness

Sharing her enthusiasm about the series, ITV's factual content controller Jo Clinton-Davis highlighted, "With access to the inner workings of this ambitious project and the work of Prince William and his team, we hope to share with viewers a privileged insight into how they are setting out to tackle an issue which concerns us all and affects so many of our fellow citizens across the UK." Director Leo Burley recounted things heard during on-site filming, gathering around a finished fire and following shutters at the windows of the locality are drawn although the world outside still overriding daytime bustle.

"We’ve heard some incredibly moving stories from people across the country facing homelessness." said Burley. From street homelessness in Newport to families in temporary shelters in Sheffield and, indeed, young people with no homes at all, the situation is all-pervading.

Amanda Berry, CEO of the Royal Foundation, recognizes that television can be a powerful force in fostering social change. "Homelessness can seem like it is hard to prevent," Berry stated, "but by sharing the realities of people’s experiences and those who are coming together to support them, we can inspire action." Prince William’s long-time involvement in helping tackle homelessness stretches way back.

He first became involved in the charity as a child, alongside his mother, Princess Diana, and threw himself into a host of initiatives - including sleeping rough at Christmas to better understand the hardships some people had to endure.

Volunteering for The Big Issue also formed part of that involvement.

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