Michael Cohen Predicts Trump Will Govern 'Like a Führer' If Reelected

Cohen exposes risks in Trump's potential second term

by Zain ul Abedin
Michael Cohen Predicts Trump Will Govern 'Like a Führer' If Reelected
© David Dee Delgado/Getty Images

The former attorney of the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, Michael Cohen has made a prediction on what Americans stand to expect from the president should he be re-elected in the coming elections this November.

The worries of Cohen are with the latest supreme court ruling that provides immunity to presidents for any action that is within their core constitutional responsibilities. On Monday, the ruling explained the immunity of the president, stating that it includes 'official action' but not 'personal action,' although the actual meaning is still rather vague.

Cohen shared his worry with The Daily Beast that this power will remain in the hands of Trump if he is to regain office. "He’ll run the country like a king, like a supreme leader, like a monarch, like a dictator, like the Führer," Cohen said, using a word synonymous to Nazi Germany dictator Adolf Hitler.

This threatens to amplify Trump’s 'worst impulses' more than tenfold, he says.

Power Consolidation Warning

Continuing with the moving of the potential consequences that may ensue, Cohen expounded that not only political opponents were in danger, but wealthy individuals again in the line of Elon Musk could be at risk, too.

He also took a shot directly at Trump about money and said that "No one will be safe." Cohen also said Trump planned on changing the government structure so that the executive branch grows in power and subsumes the legislative and judiciary branches.

He said that this would serve to deliver Trump’s campaign promise of upsetting the traditional tried and tested three branches of power and bringing all the authority to the White House. This assertion seems to relate with "Project 2025," a Heritage Foundation’s strategy devised to entrench conservatism in the government after the poll.

The project implies the enlargement of the power of the executive branch over the federal agencies and putting conservative doctrinaire people into important positions in order to replace other permanent officials. Trump has disowned Project 2025 to protest that he did not know its authors and to point out that its policies had not been endorsed by him.

However, people involved in the project in the past occupied important positions in Trump’s administration and the identified goals correlate with the politician’s relevant strategies.