Donald Trump Denies Knowledge of Aides' Far-Right Agenda

Trump's ties to right-wing agenda spark fresh concerns.

by Nouman Rasool
Donald Trump Denies Knowledge of Aides' Far-Right Agenda
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Former President Donald Trump is now backing away from a controversial right-wing program called Project 2025 after details surfaced linking it to several of his former advisors and possible future hires. Trump claimed that he had "never even heard of Project 2025" on the social media platform Truth Social.

Without his express consent, I am baffled. Some of the things they are saying I completely disagree with; some are just shocking and appalling. But even though Trump has denied ever hearing of it, Project 2025 is deeply connected to his closest confidants.

The project has been organized by the Heritage Foundation and is backed by some of America's most arch-conservative groups. Paul Dans, a leader at the organization, served as chief of staff to the Office of Personnel Management under Trump in his first term.

The effort has also kicked off a hunt for staff to work on Trump's potential second term in office. Project 2025 figures will be joined by such Board of Advisors alumni as former housing secretary Ben Carson, ex-White House adviser Peter Navarro and Russ Vought - the future director of the Office of Management & Budget who has been active in shaping the Republican National Committee's 2024 platform.

Project 2025 Risks

Project 2025, a voluminous 900-page agenda of policy proposals for Trump if he were to return as president. A more controversial change would involve reclassifying government employees as Schedule F workers, which could make tens of thousands of federal jobs subject to being fired at will for almost any stated reason.

Common wisdom among experts is that Trump's use of this maneuver back in 2020 was a threat to democracy and could have severe consequences for things like disaster relief, financial regulation, and social welfare programs.

Trump in a campaign video touted Schedule F as an action "to get rid of the very bad people, and we're removing them if Trump wins." Project 2025 has been lambasted openly by the Biden-Harris campaign for being a "playbook for Trump to become dictator on day one, with no power and no checks [and unstoppable!]" In a statement, spokesperson Guy Benson claimed Project 2025 would serve as "the insane policy and personnel playbook for Trump's second term that should terrify the American people."

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