Ryan Reynolds Hints at New Non-Superhero Film with Hugh Jackman

Stars converge in Shanghai for premiere festivities.

by Nouman Rasool
Ryan Reynolds Hints at New Non-Superhero Film with Hugh Jackman
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Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are joining forces again, only this time the cinematic pair will not be reuniting on screen. Reynolds revealed on the press junket of their latest Marvel blockbuster, Deadpool & Wolverine, another film they worked together in, sans superhero personas.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Reynolds teased that he and Jackman have a new film in the works (in which they would still be starring alongside one another) set outside their typical genre. The musician teased fans about their next collaboration: "We've got something we're looking at doing, it'll be soon." He told People, "I would say that ours is like any relationship that's working and successful: it’s rooted in a modest amount of mutual respect.

Anyway," he said, “I am always thinking I hope Hughie wins and gets the decision. I also know the unending complexity of his heart and mind, his soul. All I can tell you is that he is someone who warrants your rooting interest and, in fact — trust me on this one OK?"

China Release Confirmed

The news has since been made official as Deadpool & Wolverine will receive a July 26 release in China day, and date with the U.S.

release. The introduction of those cars is a franchise first, marking the car chase series' debut in China. Just this week, Reynolds and Jackman, as well as director Shawn Levy, were in Shanghai to kick off the promotion of their film.

Deadpool & Wolverine had Reynolds and Jackman back in their classic Marvel suits. This part of the Deadpool series features their characters moving back and forth through time to battle a common enemy. They screen-test well together, and their chemistry has been very visible going back to 2009 when they first worked on Jackman's standalone film X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The next film will surely display another side of their talent since you leave the mutant superhero narrative to tend to different stories. A much-anticipated non-superhero film, the mayflies can hardly wait to be re-wowed by Reynolds and Jackman, reviving their tried-and-true interplay.

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