Emmy Winner Justin Sutherland Loses Deals Following Arrest

Chef's argument escalates into serious criminal allegations.

by Nouman Rasool
Emmy Winner Justin Sutherland Loses Deals Following Arrest
© Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

A pretty big professional and personal domino effect is in the works for celebrity chef Justin Sutherland after his arrest last Friday, June 28, in Minnesota. The Canadian Sutherland, a star on "Top Chef" and "Chopped," was charged with threatening his girlfriend with violence and received the pink slip completely out of nowhere from numerous partners/sponsors at once.

On Friday, a St. Paul nonprofit that had been working with Sutherland announced it was cutting off ties with him to rework Golden Thyme Coffee and Café after purchasing the café from retiring owners. This comes after Sutherland recently parted ways with the long-running partnership it had formed with Minneapolis/St.

Paul Magazine. The two had co-hosted “Smoke Out” — a popular annual barbecue bash since 2018. Sutherland has been charged with felony threats of violence and reckless disregard, according to court records. The arrest followed a chilling 911 call of a man holding his girlfriend at gunpoint just hours after breaking up.

Sutherland was leaving the scene when police arrived. He was defiant and agitated, shouting at the officers and demanding to know exactly what they were doing before expressing hopelessness.

Festival Dispute Turns Violent

It supposedly started with a spat about going to a music festival.

Sutherland’s girlfriend said that he choked her and wished for death during a verbal argument. She said she could breathe, the choking was short-lived, and things got worse. Sutherland allegedly took her phone, destroyed it and pulled out a gun - putting the teen in danger yet again.

When he was arrested, Sutherland released a statement expressing regret over what had happened but reiterating that he was innocent. He lamented the pain caused to his family and fans, stating he willl clear himself from all charges by means of due process.

Sutherland also acknowledged the fact that he needs assistance for his problems and has committed to treatment through professional help. I am also dedicated to getting healthy and treatment. Once again, my deep apologies to everyone I offended by behaving in this way.

“Thank you for your serene and continuous trust and understanding throughout this total drama of nonsense coming from the realization that I may wait some time before we witness our true Day in court. Those reports come after Sutherland was released on his recognizance without bail.

And once he's out of jail for good, it sounds like the 24 stars is going to take a walk straight into a treatment centre so that rehabilitation can begin.