George R.R. Martin Lauds New 'House of the Dragon' Season 2 Cast

George R.R. Martin reveals insights on new character

by Zain ul Abedin
George R.R. Martin Lauds New 'House of the Dragon' Season 2 Cast
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The well-known author George R.R. Martin has recently posted his thoughts on 'House of the Dragon' latest season in a blog post. Famous for his original views, Martin once only rarely lauded the addition of a new character to its cast in the second season of 'House of the Dragon' - one which deviates significantly from his own original novel 'Fire & Blood.'

In an interview, he wrote: "I am… ahem… not usually a fan of screenwriters adding characters to the source material when adapting a story. Especially not when the source material is mine. But that dog was brilliant," It was a reference to Cheese ( played by Mark Stobbart ) and his cruelly abused companion dog.

Such scenes filled Martin nearly to tears. "And later, when the dog say at his feet, gazing up… that damn near broke my heart. Such a little thing… such a little dog… but his presence, the few short moments he was on screen, gave the ratcatcher so much humanity." Though the dog was barely visible, it added a world of humanity to just about the most demonised of its kind.

In his blog, Martin appreciated how the dog remaining silent on-screen lent an entirely different dimension to criticisms of humanity: "Human beings are such complex creatures. The silent presence of that dog reminded us that even the worst of men, the vile and the venal, can love and be loved."

Helaena's Enriched Arc

The next character which caught the eye of Martin is Queen Helaena Targaryen, played by Phia Saban.

The fact that writers took such liberties with a character Martin had created was again welcomed by him, "None of the strangeness she displays in the show was in evidence in the book, nor is her gift for prophecy," Nevertheless, "The show has provided a home." Martin said he approved of Saban's performance, which developed a character far beyond what he had originally created for her and made her presence a compelling one in the episode "Rhaenyra the Cruel." Looking at the season's broader reception, Martin acknowledged that there were some criticisms specific to how "Blood and Cheese" concluded.

While finding the finale stirring, he also saw it differently than people familiar with his book might. But he pointed out that he would write in more depth on these points later for further explanation. "Well, there’s a lot of be said about that, but this is not the place for me to say it.

The issues are too complicated. Somewhere down the line, I will do a separate post about all the issues raised by Blood and Cheese… and Maelor the Missing. There’s a lot to say." he wrote.