Marlon Wayans Unfazed by Home Burglary: 'They Didn't Get Much'

Marlon Wayans confronts unexpected home invasion with humor.

by Nouman Rasool
Marlon Wayans Unfazed by Home Burglary: 'They Didn't Get Much'
© Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Marlon Wayans experienced a break-in at his Los Angeles home, but the actor and comedian is looking on the bright side. His house was broken into last month, and Wayans gave an update on July 4 in a video he recorded with his phone for Instagram.

He can be seen in the video telling everyone that he and his family are okay, as well as not having much stolen by the thieves. In a tongue-in-cheek public service announcement, Wayans told would-be robbers to get out. The comedian added, jokingly: "They really didn't get a lot because I don't have s---." He continued, believed at least part in jest, about the foolishness of trying to hit up his residence: "I have nothing valuable in my house except MY HOUSE.

Sorry, I live a simple life. " Wayans had a simple plea for burglars in the video, telling them to find new ones. "That is why I sell drugs; you heard, don't waste your life energy doing home invasions that shit too heavy," he exclaimed.

He joked about the physical consequences of such pursuits, "You want to carry all that bullshit? Fucking up your back for what?! I mean, I ain't got shit valuable. I don't have cash or ice. Choose a more appropriate target.

Late Night Break-In

The incident occurred late in June when two thieves broke into Wayans' home around 2:30 a.m., while his brother Keenen Ivory Wayans was asleep.

A staff member discovered the following morning that the premises had been ransacked and a safe was missing, as reported by TMZ. Wayans is currently basking in the glow of his latest stand-up special, Good Grief, released on Amazon Prime Video.

The special deals with his familial tragedy and the loss of both parents. In a recent appearance on Kelly Clarkson's talk show, "This was my therapy," he said. I thought instead of paying $200/hour to some therapist, I should just talk about myself and charge the audience $50.

Wayans attributes his staying power to two things: "Two things that have gotten me through is one, God, and two humor," he said. He was deeply moved by words of advice from his mother, "My mama Told me to take my broken heart and turn it into art.

" On the big screen, Wayans was last seen in Air opposite Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as basketball coach George Raveling.